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  1. Not the best scan, my scanner is being beyond difficult. Newly redone version of the pic on the first page. I have plans for this, stay tuned.
  2. O'Neill is sometimes very lucky just to find the net. That could have a lot to do with his personal baggage, but when he focuses on the task at hand, he'd halfway decent. I definitely wouldn't have him on special teams, and even at even strength I'd want him teamed up with someone more... defensively gifted, shall we say?
  3. fightinmad

    Worst pet peeve?

    Ooooh, I'd have to agree with that one too. That covers most of Hollywood.
  4. fightinmad

    Worst pet peeve?

    My #1 Pet Peeve at all times is people on a message board passing judgement on things they don't know the ins and outs of. We weren't there, or we wouldn't be discussing it here on the message board and speculating. And then we take it into our heads that we know better than anyone else. We don't. Which is why we are on message boards and others get paid the big bucks to make the decisions we second guess every day.
  5. No hot tubbing, that's what Ray said will solve all our problems. Clearly, someone did not take his advice. ;-)
  6. I nominate Brooks Orpik as the sacrificial lamb. =D
  7. I think Alexander has his facts mixed up, as the team says he'll have surgery this week but was injured this morning. Granted, Alexander could very well be right, but it really doesn't make much sense.
  8. *snerk* I am sorry I missed that interview, lol
  9. Maybe they don't want us all to call for the players to participate in the Friesen 5k by handing out water bottles and that's all?
  10. Crap, the puckbunnies are that pissed they're shooting at him now? *snicker*
  11. This makes me wanna puke. Sure, go ahead and deal Williams, it's perfectly cool to kick a guy while he's down. He's been working his tail off since last December to get back in the lineup for this team, and now he has a freak injury, he's gotta go? Because he's always "injury riddled"? He has 2 injuries a total of five seasons here, Whitney has missed more games than he has with freakin groin pulls. If we're getting rid of Williams because he's "chronically injured", let's give credit where credit is due. Whitney, Wallin, Cullen, Tanabe, Brind'Amour, and Kaberle all get to go with him. Seriously people, calm down. The season hasn't even started, let the team have some time to put lines together and figure out what they *do* have. THEN we can go out and get someone. And if you think you can get much of anyone for Williams at this point, you're nuts. If you don't think he'll work his butt off to get back as quickly as he possibly can, you don't know him at all. And I don't want to hear the "Oh well there won't be room for him in the line up" argument. If you think we won't need him when he can play again, you don't know what he is to his team.
  12. It has been done, and there have been people stripped of awards for posing as the opposite sex. So yeah, it's nessecary.
  13. The nose is right, it's the reflection from the ice and the pixelation of the low-res JPEG format that makes it looks wrong. That is in fact, Justin Williams, at the NHL YoungStars game, February 1, 2002. Playing for team Melrose, I might add(they won 13-7). He was 20. ( I've got plenty of old Flyers pictures to pull from, lol) More old pics: And if you ever doubt we miss him or Brindy here, in Philly, listen to the crowd when they announce them in the starting lineup. Everyone else "sucks", and they get cheers.
  14. He's been on for most of the games, so far as I can recall. I nominate him also.
  15. fightinmad

    Worst pet peeve?

    Oh there is something funnier. A Home Depot lumber cart creaming a new Mercedes and setting off the alarm. =D
  16. Williams does have an Aston Martin unless he sold it, I have pictures of that, it's a sweet car. (Makes a great wallpaper on my desktop, cars and hockey, can't go wrong) I've heard he has a black Ferrari since last September. I don't know what kind, although I personally wonder if it's one of those beautiful Fioranos. I don't think he's the one with the Lambo, I had heard someone else on the team had one, but now I can't remember who.
  17. I think you'd find that may not be a mess up, since if Jordan uses the same mold stick as Eric, it will say that. =) Something to look into.
  18. I want Thibault about as much as I want a horrible skin disease.
  19. I, for one, found this funny, until the crap about stereotypes and Burma came up. Making fun of stereotypes is still funny, and if you can't appreciate that, that's fine.
  20. How appropriate, Eric Lindros' biography is being distributed to girlscouts. =D But seriously, I'm doing my usual summer sweep and reading the Illiad and the Odyssey.
  21. Very nice. =D You should take up pastels next.
  22. To quote Jeff Dunham: "That is not a car, that is a lunchbox! Did you know if you stick your hand out the window of a Prius the car starts to turn?!" (just kidding though, drive what you want, lol) I currently have a 1991 Ford f-150, which I do dearly love, but only gets about 14-18 MPG. (is old, is V8, and still gets the best mileage of most of the trucks in my current price range) Pirate Caniac: That's the first I heard about bio-diesel from sewage, that's awesome! What's really intriguing about bio-diesel, from my perspective, is how many sources of it there could potentially be. Algae, sewage, used cooking oil, rendered animal fat, plants, it's far more easilly sourced than ethanol and the conversion rate is really not as bad as it is for ethanol. I know a couple guys who make themselves some B100 on the weekends and cruise on that all week. Not only that, the by-products of bio-diesel are actually useful, I know the glycerin is used for soap around here. All in all, if we take the subsidies out of soybeans, peanuts, and corn, we can probably do bio-diesel fairly easilly, the US has a lot of farming power. And we have plenty of sewage treatment plants. Up here we do have a couple of places we can buy B20, which is really neat and when I get a hold of a diesel truck, I'll look more seriously at it. Diesel emits soot and sulfur and all that good stuff, and we hear about the evils of that, but while Ethanol supposedly cuts down CO2 emissions, the fine particulate matter created when burning it has been directly linked to Asthma attacks. If you're into the whole "saving the planet" deal, diesel makes more sense because it cuts greenhouse gases, and bio-diesel makes the most sense because it cuts emissions across the board. "In addition, B100 can reduce CO2 emissions by 78% and lower the carcinogenic properties of diesel fuel by 94% (National Biodiesel Board, U.S. DOE Office of Transportation Technologies)." Bio-diesel is the only current bio-fuel to have successfully completed emissions testing in accordance with the Clean Air Act. What it all comes down to, IMHO, is one step at a time. Go with the technology that currently works better, and develop technologies to replace that. A bio-diesel/electric hybrid might be the next step. Or not.
  23. #1 Well that's interesting, because I work in a farm supply store and I can tell you I can think of several farmers who are not growing corn or soybeans because they are being paid not to. And they are also running into trouble because they just can't get fuel delivered to their farms. #2 Diesel burns cleaner under load. Which is what I said. Hauling a horse trailer w/a gasoline truck: forget it. Hauling a horse trailer w/ a diesel truck: certainly. Better power and better efficiency. You will burn far, far more gasoline doing the same task than with a diesel, because they perform better under load. Diesels are also making fewer contaminants these days than in the old days, soot and unburned fuel are run back through the engine to be burned again. They're not as dirty, noisy, and smelly as people would like to make them out to be, and if we started looking more into making them cleaner, we'd probably get somewhere. Diesel is also, just from a straight up oil perspective, 17% more efficient than gasoline. In miles-per-gallon of fuel, diesel is 20-30% more efficient. Diesels were not originally invented to run on oil. They were invented to run on vegetable oils. We can also get perfectly acceptable diesel fuel from algae(featured in Popular Mechanics). If we go back to Rudolph Diesel's premise, I think we'll cut down our sulfur problem quite a bit. #3 At no point did I say it was a "magical fix". I said it was better. Is it perfect? No. Will anything in this world ever be perfect? Hell no. Humans are involved. And food for thought. There's a Jeep concept car with a Mercedes diesel in it, and it's a diesel-electric hybrid. Currently projected MPG? 110. Not possible with gasoline.
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