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  1. Eric Staal is hard to do because it's hard to outline his eyesocket. Williams is hard to do because he seems to have ungodly thick eyelashes. Just practice it.
  2. To be honest, from what the farmers are telling me, corn-based Ethanol is a curse. There are farmers being paid NOT to grow corn, to keep the price high, and further, it takes roughly 6 gallons of diesel fuel to make one gallon of Ethanol. So why aren't we growing soybeans to make bio-diesel? Diesel is far more efficient than gasoline, requires less refinement, burns cleaner the heavier the load it is under, why aren't we looking at this technology?
  3. I've seen Recchi beat the crap out of people 6' 3" and better, so someone Brindy's size could probably take Chara. =D
  4. The average size of an NHL player last season was 6' 1", 210lb. By that standard, we're kinda small. But honestly, it's not like the old days where you had guys like Dan McGillis, Chris McAllister, Sandy McCarthy, etc for their sheer size and toughness. I remember when McAllister was on the ice, nobody even looked cross-eyed at Gagne. But those days are gone.
  5. Have DirecTV here in PA, and lemme tell ya, it tramples all over Comcast both in signal and clarity, as well as ease of recording on DVR. DirecTV + TiVo = Happy 'Canes fan.
  6. People seem to forget it's a minor miracle we even got a sniff at the playoffs with 300+ man/games missed
  7. If the IP resolves to the city of the opponent or near there, I copy the IP and have the ban window open. They misbehave, and they're gone. Granted that was during the Cup run, and I'm not sure how we handle it now.
  8. If you change an IP address it doesn't mean we can't track you down later by matching your writing style. I've done it before.
  9. That looks kinda staged....
  10. I can definitely understand why JWill would be tentative yet. And Chad is supposed to be ahead of him as far as getting back goes. I'd rather not see JWill until round two but good luck holding him down if he can play.
  11. I think that discounts the effort that these guys are putting out to get back their spot in the lineup. That's like saying that Chad and Justin are just sitting around and watching while everyone else does the hard work. Bull. Getting back into and NHL lineup after a serious injury is a heck of a lot of very hard work. They're working their butts off as much as anyone else and I don't see how giving either one of them back their duly earned place is in any way punishing someone else's hard work. If one of the players currently occupying their place in the lineup was in their situation, he would feel the same.
  12. Look out, that light at the end of the tunnel might be the Cole Train!
  13. I'm fairly ambidextrous for everything but writing/drawing, I swing an axe left or right, I shoot right for hockey, but I take draws left handed. I can handle a stick either way. I also shoulder a rifle right side.
  14. Actually, go to most of the Eastern teams' pages, and they do have ice girls. The Ducks ice girls out West are probably as close as you're gonna get to the Cowgirls of the NHL. Who started the trend and why, I don't know. But it annoys the beejebus out of me and I hate 'em. If I want to see cheerleaders, I'll go to a cheerleading competition.
  15. Bill of rights states that the federal government cannot encroach on the right to free speech. Check your state's constitution for further details.
  16. Do you really keep Eaves over Williams though? Williams has done something that Cole has not, and that is show a commitment to staying here with this team longterm. It looks from Eaves' stats he's a lot less healthy than even Cole. 20 goals is a great thing to have, 30 is better, and 60+ games/season is really, really nice. Eaves has never played more than 73 games. At any level. Cole has twice, Williams has 3 times. Ruutu is already making 2.25/season. He's not going to be a bargain to sign even as an RFA. Eaves is going to be a little more affordable. He's making .8/season right now. But Eaves is from Ottawa, and they're notorious playoff chokers, so we'll see.
  17. Wikipedia has the weirdest stuff on it too, lol. I think the only Wikipedia entry that's right is the one on our Justin Williams. And only because I wrote most of it. =D
  18. Mine won't get read because about all I know is stats, but I can start a thread, that's no problem.
  19. Waiting for what? I'm not on here every day, but when it's my turn to start a thread I'll get to it as soon as I can.
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