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  1. . He'd missed 2 games with the flu, was totally wiped out by the end of the game, and pulls this out of his hat. Surprise, Surprise... That one was pretty frickin funny too. And then there was this pair: Now if only all his goals were as pretty. ;-)
  2. We'd be screwed. How's that?
  3. Ok, you have a point. Has anyone else felt like screaming "Way to miss the point!" at some of these people responding to topics? It's like "What in hell are you talking about???"
  4. She makes me want to scream lately. I have been *this close* to posting a rant about Feminazis like her. Between her and Wes#1, I feel like I need a good stiff drink. And I hate alcohol.
  5. It really didn't look so bad when I drew it in March of 06.
  6. If the NHL goes co-ed, my hockey dollars go elsewhere. I am a bit of a hockey purist and they've messed with my game enough already. That would be the feather that broke the elephant's back.
  7. I was pointing out that if Williams had his way the whole thing would be over and done with by now. That's merely an informed assessment of watching injured hockey players bellyache about sitting on the sideline. Furthermore, since this is the second time he has torn both ligaments, I don't expect him to be able to play this season. He turned 4-6 months into 3 months last time, but he did that 5 years ago, and in hockey, 5 years means a lot more wear and tear on your body. I do see a possibility that if the 'Canes are in the playoffs he may skate in a few practices. I hope he doesn't play in any games unless they're darn sure he's ready, but I don't think his own teammates are going to try to kill him in a practice. Usually you can skate in practice long before you can skate in a game, and getting back into skating/game shape is what is going to take him the longest time. That's what I meant, and there's no way I want him to rush it. I have also seen how stubborn he can be, and I hope that the doctors are more stubborn still. I have followed his career from day 1 and I would like to follow it for many more seasons.
  8. Look, I am also a woman, Wes#1. I'm older than you(20), and I play low-contact, pickup roller hockey with boys. The 17-19 year old boys are bigger, stronger, and faster than I am. I have hit, I have been hit, and I can honestly say that while it's more fun to take out your aggressions on someone else's body, when they reciprocate, you suddenly realize that they're bigger. Women and men can play the same sports, I'm cool with that. Just not on the same teams. That's absurd. If a woman gets 40 stitches in her face like Ruutu just did, people aren't just going to say "oh it's part of the game". Suddenly there'll be outcry against this "bloodsport" and there'll be lobbying to change the rules to no contact, and no touch icing, and bigger nets, and all that happy crap to "protect the players/clean up the sport"(protect the players: read=protect the women). As a girl having grown up in a household with four brothers, and having been treated equally, I can tell you testosterone does some funny things. That 11 year old you played football in the back yard with becomes a 16 year old bruiser who can literally throw you over his shoulder and keep going. If I whallop him in the shins with a hockey stick, he's going to whallop me back, and lemme clue ya, I'm the one who's going to hit the ground. But that'll completely be the end of it. I'll be hurting, but it's over. Whereas if I whallop another girl in the knees she's going to stand up, look at me, demand to know why I did that, not accept my answer, get in a shouting match with me, and we'll get into a catfight or there'll be continuous name-calling and subtle cheapshots. That is my experience playing with girls vs. boys. I could add that the girl is going to plaster my personal life across the internet as revenge too, but then I'd have to have a personal life. That's not to say there aren't some boys who will do the same thing, but they're generally rare and not very into sports. Girls also do things while considering the far-reaching consequences. Why break someone's nose today when you can make them miserable for the rest of their lives? This is very efficient. It shows planning and forethought. Two things that you're usually not going to see from a teen/tweenaged boy. Boys do a lot of things without thinking of the consequences. Fine examples of this are Boulerice and Simon. Now is all that matters, who cares about next year or ten years from now? Thus, women should have their own league if they so desire to play at a professional level, because one of the nice things about ice hockey is that ice hockey players are usually not in the supermarket tabloids.
  9. I don't care for the chat at all, game nights or otherwise, and I think I've been there three times. I don't get on the computer as much as I used too and it's far too time-consuming to moderate that steaming pile. I don't think it's cut down on the vapidity of the boards at all anyway.
  10. If it was going as well as Justin hoped he'd be back already. He's doing slightly better than average, according to the information given. I don't expect to see him play, but he might join a few practices.
  11. depends how much of a redneck you are. I have known some people who do just that.
  12. He's definitely not available for the regular season, that's how I read that. It's fairly ambiguous, though.
  13. If you're missing the muffler on your car, do you put one on for inspection?
  14. Williams is more than likely going to be able to play at the five month mark. He's plugging along at a normal rate, but because he has done this once before, they are being cautious. Should he play is the better question. If we're deep in the playoffs, you'd have to lock him in the basement to keep him out. But I'm hoping for his own good he doesn't play until September.
  15. Williams is JWill from late in his Philly days, Jimmy Rollins was playing for the Phillies, and he was "JRoll", so it kind of floated over, and you get JWill.
  16. I draw in my spare time, so a drawing can take months, I'll work on it here and there, five minutes to a couple hours if I'm lucky. When it looks good but I'm not in the frame of mind to properly finish it, I set it aside. I go through about 2 reams of 8.5x11 paper every year. Out of 1400 sheets, I get about 10 fantastic drawings. Out of those ten, maybe one is hockey. This is an unusual year because I already completed 3 hockey drawings. Rockstar and Jordan Staal have matching originals of that Jordan Staal picture. (started all over again for hers) But the Brindy one is a one and only. Sometimes it's more a matter of finding that perfect photo to work from for the drawing than it is a matter of doing the drawing itself. As long as I have that reference photo to keep checking myself against, I'm set for the shading and colors. I might enhance colors a smidge, so that you can see the contrast better, but the lighting usually remains the same, except for the drawing "Lights", where I added a second light source and toned down the shadows some. An example of upping the contrast was slightly darkening the area around Jordan's eyes to enhance the blue. You can't really tell that so well from the scan, but there are ten shades of blue in his eyes. There are four shades of green in Brindy's eyes. Six shades of brown in Justin Williams' hair. (three in Brindy's, if I include the black) There are two browns and a yellow and an orange in Jordan's hair. More than anything, it's a matter of trial and error. "Lights" is a third attempt, "Jordan" is a second attempt, "Brind'Amour" is a third attempt. So don't give up on a drawing, make the sketch separate so you always have something to go back to. And if it's not fun anymore, stop. Hockey art is a side diversion for me, my main art is equine. Horses are infinitely easier to draw than people. And for my fellow self-taught artists out there; the guy who did all the storyboards for Lord Of The Rings is self-taught too!
  17. I'm not talking about chat, I'm talking about Jan in general. All she talks about ever is herself.
  18. GSBG is really starting to drive me off the wall nuts. What is the deal with her anyway? She only shows up to whine. 300 actually talks hockey until the idiots show up.
  19. I'd really rather they not move the trade deadline up any further than they already have. Hockey is not like baseball especially because it's a lot more physical, and I don't think it's fair to any of the players on any of the teams to basically say "well you have six guys out and he has three extras, but you can't trade because that's just renting players". They're all friggin rented anyway, what does the duration have to do with anything?
  20. I don't really get it, what did she do this time? Suck in the context of "ref you suck" really doesn't seem offensive to me.
  21. There are players in the league who really like announcers like Chuck K for one reason. They can pull one over on him by having him pronounce their name different each time. Daymond Langkow has done this to several people over the years. You don't have to be fantastic at what you do to make the hall of fame, you just have to be popular enough with the right people. And I listened to Kaiton twice. He sounds like he is about to have a heartattack and I just can't understand what he's talking about. Same with Jeanerette. Tripp annoys the snot out of me, because he NEVER shuts up and says the most inane things. Forslund is actually quite good at his job. I think he's handicapped by Tripp more than anything else. Forslund is a stellar broadcaster saddled with a sidekick who is like everyone's annoying little brother. Kind of like Jim Jackson in Philadelphia being saddled with idiot Keith Jones.
  22. Ladd was Ladder, not Laddie, actually.
  23. If you get back any digital photos that are bigger than that, I'd like to see. *hopeful*
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