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  1. As long as you two don't fight, I don't care.
  2. How very, very kind of them to inform us of where they'll be sitting! There are some considerate Sabres fans after all!
  3. TH adores Tanabe though. That might get ugly. I do kinda agree though, I wish Avi would get well and get traded, and take Crackers with him.
  4. Women should not be in the NHL and I hope to God they never are. If they want to set up a women's league, that's cool with me and I will buy tickets. But women in the NHL would take a lot away from the game.
  5. WGASA. The name of the monorail at a disney theme park. It wasn't until after they promoted it that they realized it was an acronym for Who Gives A *edit* Anyway?
  6. Well for what little it's worth, I got it. And I thought it was funny.
  7. Watch the Tanabe thread go the WGASA way and not make two pages. =D
  8. Get better soon, Roddie, we need you. You keep that linemate of yours with the matching torn ACL company, you hear? =D
  9. You know it's bad when the fans start naming injuries after you.
  10. Wow. Well, Brindy and JWill started the season as linemates, now they can rehab as linemates. Good for them. *sigh*
  11. Wow... with those figures being about 6 inches tall... that means every inch is equal to about 13 inches(counting skates). Holy crap man...
  12. *sigh* C'mon, Gags, just sit already! Stubborn French-Canadian pain...
  13. Have you drooled over a hockey player today? lol
  14. Been working on this project for more than a year and I am proud to say this hockey hunk now adorns someone special's bedroom wall. ;-) Original now in the hands of Ms. Hall.
  15. I expected very little for Williams, it's not like he got hurt in spectacular fashion, but I would have thought Rosie would have crested four pages by now, since he's so popular.
  16. Well, no offense, but Walker's injury wasn't exactly life threatening either.
  17. Get well soon, Rosie, need our resident pest back and annoying as ever as quickly as possible. You will be sorely, sorely missed, buddy.
  18. More than OK. Kinda disappointed in the turnout for both threads.
  19. Maybe Lasse Kukkonen? He's really impressed me the dozen times I saw him. He has some talent. And he makes less than a million. Maybe even Jason Smith, he makes 1.75. Timonen is untouchable though, unfortunately, because if he were on the market, he'd be the one to have. (even at 8 mil/season) They only have $203,000 to spend, so to pay Forsberg they're going to need at least a million.
  20. He's not complaining, as he has stated many times. He's got a point that most star centers will have assists that outweigh their goals. Most star centers can win faceoffs, too.
  21. I've never understood or cared for that format. If you're in the top 8, you should go, if you're not, you're not. So your division sucks this year. Oh well.
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