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  1. You're seriously posting this now when we were pretty much sure of this a month ago? Ok...
  2. Well how about this, huh? Maybe the D puts the puck in the back of the net once in a blue moon?
  3. no you're right, Philly will have to make a salary dump, and not an insignificant one. They have some very nice d... come to think of it...
  4. Y'know, if you don't want to contribute to the discussion, those of you who whine, then don't come into the thread. This is a valid statistical discussion, if you don't like it, oh well.
  5. To be perfectly fair, I have never really thought of Eric as much of a center. He'd be a much better winger, he's just not strong on the wall or on draws.
  6. Staal's stats don't add up like a center's stats should, this is absolutely true, but a lot of the guys on the team are having abysmal years too.
  7. We need D, not a washed up, porcelain Finnish has-been. That said, I wouldn't touch Hatcher with a ten foot pole and a hazmat suit. He's trash and we don't need his kind here. You want a number 1 d-man, you have to shell out the fair market value for him, and that will mean someone like Ladd or better. Will it be worth it? Depends. Philly thought they were getting a great deal on the Williams-for-Markov swap. Where is Markov now? Philly doesn't have a Cup and Carolina does. Sometimes it's better to just ride out a craptastic season and keep your young players.
  8. TH is the least offender directly, but she is subversive.
  9. The whole Philly thing has been in the works for ages, I can't say as it pleases me. Like we really need to friggin primadonnas here. (Forsberg/Briere)
  10. Way to not read the posts! *eyeroll*
  11. I think I'll refrain, just on the grounds I don't want to read ivyleaguer's dribble on my unprofessionalism again. Professionals get paid, dammit, leave me alone already.
  12. There are a lot of people on here with sizable personal collections that will give you an av or make you one if you only ask. You might try that.
  13. My newfie, Nana, used to eat Raisenettes, and lived 3 years longer than most Newfs do, so I can't explain that one. My GSD, Willie, ate an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies, which made him barf from the sheer amount of crap he'd eaten, but he was fine. A little chagrinned, but fine.
  14. Actually, chocolate CAN be lethal. Mostly baker's chocolate or dark chocolate. These contain the most of the compounds that harm the animal. Milk Chocolate is pretty diluted, and some dogs won't have a reaction to it at all. White chocolate is not even chocolate at that point, and they'd have to eat more than you're likely to have lying around to kill them.
  15. I think it should be temporarily legal to shoot at these people.
  16. Right now I'm pretty annoyed with the little witch, I would rip up her sign and stomp on it.
  17. And it was Rosival he hit. Not exactly a well known player.
  18. I would still like to know what kind of Ferrari that is(can't see it from PA, lol), and I would love to know why you'd want to smash that with a monster truck!
  19. It's like a car. Depends on the gas and the tires you put on it/in it, sure, but who's driving it has an effect on the performance too.
  20. The Brindy one didn't look anything like him, either. At least Whitney's was "Life size". =D
  21. Ivyleaguer was the one who said my public explaination of ECU's ban was "classless and unprofessional". *eyeroll* Coleseylarose is one of ECU's buddies.
  22. Glad she didn't PM me, my reply woulda been "Wow, you really asked for that one, didn't you? Now you know how Dee felt with you harassing her online!"
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