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  1. Here I thought you were pulling for the Cops because Williams is coaching them this year. =D
  2. He's been out for a while, I wonder if he has Post Concussion Syndrome. (PCS)
  3. It really is Justin Williams. The photo is from the Flyers Wives Fight For Lives Carnival program, from the "Summer vacation" section. And I have one other photo from the beach volley ball game, of JWill.
  4. I hadn't started the Cullen thread because it didn't look like he'd be out long. Since we're apparently into PCS territory now, maybe you'd like to start a thread for him?
  5. I remember two years before the lockout the Bruins got on the plane for Montreal, and one guy was sick. By the time they got there the whole team was sick and their lineup was decimated.
  6. The skinny looking guy in the black bathing suit in the background is Justin Williams, lol.
  7. No it's not you, that's exactly what it is. It's any ailment that's not an injury.
  8. Flu shots work on only one strain of the flu, and that's only influenza, not what we commonly refer to as 'flu', which is only flu-like.
  9. Well I'm 12 hours away, so that rules me out, lol. =D We'd have to look eventually.
  10. NC law states tickets cannot be sold for more than 3 dollars above face value.
  11. They don't always make the best decisions in progress. But whatever the norm is, that's usually what becomes the one they're "comfortable" with. Maybe the cadaver graft isn't popular for the general population but in an athlete who's more likely to continue to damage those ligaments it is? I guess after a couple of surgeries the patella ligament would be pretty much useless for future grafts.
  12. Possibly to avoid problems with the patellar ligament down the road? I dunno. Anyway, I still have most of the articles from his flyers days if you were interested in some from that time period. PM me and I'll dig them up.
  13. That'd be the one. And yeah, whether or not he feels like an *edit*, there are a lot of times he looks like one.
  14. *breaks out the sparkling cider and offers toasts to other mods* Mission Accomplished. Now if only we can get rid of the idiots posting in that thread. =)
  15. The first surgery they actually used a ligament from a cadaver, or so he said. What they did this time I haven't a clue.
  16. Yeah but ones like "Some Beach" by Blake Shelton are how most of use feel some days. =D
  17. http://forums.carolinahurricanes.com/index...t=0&start=0
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