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  1. & how did you do that, BTW? Never mind, must have been having a blond moment.
  2. For just us or everyone? Everyone, yes, just us, not as far as I can tell.
  3. *scratches head* It won't let me alter it, it says I can't alter a root admin?
  4. Mine's gonna be 11. I like that number. =D *EDIT* Apparantly, I don't have permission to edit my post count. O_o How weird is that.
  5. I like country music because usually it tells a story. Sometimes the story is funny, sometimes it's sad. Rap is just an excuse to repeatedly chant expletives and try to pass it off as 'art' to the unsuspecting public. Rock can be completely pointless but sound interesting, like the Ramones. Everyone likes different things.
  6. I would officially like to say I love Asylum44. so i bet you guys are just swamped with PM's right now, so you can go ahead and take your time on getting back to me with this. I figured it would just be a good idea to PM instead of starting another thread to make things even more confusing on the boards right now. so when you get a chance get back to me with your opinion about what im about to offer. with the topic of number of posts. i know half the boards would go up in arms if you got rid of the count completely (i for one am for the removal). i was just wondering if there is any way to have a system that counts only posts that other members of the board vote as a 'quality post'. maybe i havent thought out all the details, and if you wanna start a thread or something later that offers suggestions then by all means use that idea. i thought it might be something useful. feel free to change, rejecting or anything like that, the idea. i really have no idea just how hard managing boards must be. im just trying to throw my opinion into the boards to make them run a little better and make your jobs easier. take care, gus I told him they haven't invented software that awesome yet, and he said he'll work on it, lol.
  7. It may be sarcasm but it's still offensive to other members. Is this really integral to the thread and the discussion?
  8. The public libraries I've been to censor their content. Especially on their computers.
  9. I think they were refering to a past 'Canes board.
  10. She's a 12 year old in adult's clothing is all I can guess.
  11. I'm not banning anyone. I'm too pissy at this point to think straight. Whatever y'all come up with is good with me.
  12. Ivyleaguer, with her big "I don't care about post counts" speech, sent me both of those PMs. Complaining about my reply to Wes#1's thread, saying that I shouldn't have posted a public explaination. I told her if I hadn't, I'd have had a million PMs and that a public explaination cleared it up for everyone. She begs to differ and says it's "unprofessional".
  13. Wesley#1fan is 13. Ivyleaguer is not. If it was Wes1, I wouldn't give a crap. It's a supposed adult now. Maybe a friend of Katy or ECU.
  14. I didn't PM Wes#1, I made a public reply to her post, and this asshole called me out on it. She says it was unprofessional because ECU can't defend himself from my allegations. *eyeroll* I tried to send this once already, and got a pink error message. So here goes again. If I've doubled up on this PM again then just imagine Jim Carrey saying: I'm an idiot! I would have been happy had you NOT replied publicly. ECU is no longer here to defend himself. So it's a he said/he said. There comes a time when SOMEONE needs to be professional. That would be something along the lines of: while I wish things could have had a better outcome, they did not. I cannot comment on them publicly, and please understand why, etc...but you get my drift. I'd have respected you and your position much more had this occurred. See ya tomorrow. It's an effing internet forum. Get. A. Life.
  15. I was about to say, animal abuse might not be appropriate for this forum. =D
  16. I don't care what the Ditech commercials say, People are NOT Smart.
  17. Technically, no website is a 'democracy'. It is property, and thus the owner and those he gives stewardship to are free to make the rules. Only in this case, the owner gave us a set of rules we're supposed to enforce. So no, it's not a democracy, a republic, a dictatorship, or whatever. It's property.
  18. You think so? Here is your theory in action: http://forums.philadelphiaflyers.com/''>http://forums.philadelphiaflyers.com/' target="_blank">http://forums.philadelphiaflyers.com/[/post] Enjoy.
  19. It's not the number of posts that matters, it's what you post. At least in my opinion.
  20. ECU somehow got the idea that all of us administrators live to make his life and just his life absolutely miserable. When we asked him to stop picking fights with people in threads, he demanded, and received, an explaination. That explaination was not good enough for him and he kept PMing the administrator. We asked him, as we ask everyone else, not to 'police' threads and just let the administrators do it. That wasn't good enough for him either. We upped his warning level. He demanded an explaination for that. He continued to harass TSA over PMs, at which point, I suspended his account for two days to give him a chance to cool down. I explained in an email that his account was suspended and it would be unsuspended shortly, and the suspension was for harassing an administrator. He came back demanding an explaination, tried to pick a fight with FW, and made about 80 posts. Since a great deal of them were not real 'posts', I took away his postcount temporarilly, because it came across as post pushing, and not just to us. There is the explaination, Wes#1, please PM an admin in future with any questions about locked threads, because we shouldn't have threads about locked threads according to the TOS. ;-)
  21. If I catch him doing that her account will have to go too.
  22. Wes#1, a lot of people don't respond to the friend requests on here for no other reason than that this is not myspace or facebook. I don't bother with the friend requests because they never really cross my mind, I'm usually reading the posts.
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