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  1. Thought I'd chime in here...its nice to see that folks care enough to make thoughtful posts about this. I haven't been able to be around much over the past year but Whaler, OBXer and Remkin have done a pretty amazing job of keeping things running smoothly. Several of you said it and its 100% spot on, this board goes as the team goes and unfortunately things have not gone well for the team for a long time. top shelf and others make good points about the attitude around here and the way folks treat each other. You are the die hards that support this team through good and bad and although it make sense that some would be a little protective or defensive when new folks show up, it doesn't make sense to intimidate or push new posters away. May I make a suggestion?.... the admins posted this thread for feedback and to give all of you a chance to help make this board what you want it to be. They recognize that for the board to have good discussions and the camaraderie of a community (as has been in the past), the contributing members need to take some ownership. No one can control the outcome of the team on the ice but everyone has the opportunity to control how they contribute and the tone they'd like to set for the discussions. No one wants to be part of a community where members feel like they shouldn't participate, new members dont feel welcome and where folks feel the only way they're heard is to escalate attitudes and opinions. Everyone here has the opportunity to censor themselves and make sure what they post is for the better of the community. I promise none of you, including the staff, will be happy if the admins need to censor posts just to keep the peace. Its really up to all of you. That said, I will be happy to take responsibly for allowing the altercations with one particular member some time ago to continue for way too long. We work within a specific guideline of rules and admittedly it took too long to reach a final outcome in that particular case. That mistake will not be made again. Addressing the recent graphic and sign-in issues, support requests have been submitted multiple times and to multiple places including, the Canes, IPS and the NHL. We are doing all we can but unfortunately since the season just started, we're not exactly high on the priority list. We'll stay with it till gets fixed. Gameday question....sounds like everyone wants to keep it as is giving anyone who would like to the opportunity to start a thread. The thread starter should be allowed full creativity though its not required. In the case that there no one is signed up, Michael Smith's pregame write up will be copied and pasted into the thread to get it started. Does that about cover it? Lastly, lets all hope the team surprises everyone and provides us all with an entertaining and competitive season. Winning cures all....
  2. Cape Breton is absolutely beautiful and one of natures hidden secrets, enjoy having an NHL game to go to.
  3. Maybe the title of this thread should be changed to the in game experience as suggested? I think the music has improved greatly and they're playing some new stuff this season. Thank goodness.
  4. Glad you posted this, scary times for sure. Thinking of the folks in Ottawa.
  5. Not sure what Boston is up to but they're definitely clearing salary. http://nesn.com/2014/10/reports-bruins-trade-johnny-boychuk-to-islanders-for-draft-picks/
  6. What OS and browser are you using Remkin?
  7. Looking for testers using other browsers besides FF w/windows 8.1 The quote issue is fixed for me
  8. test tes Test Win 8.1/FF 32.0.3 Test Quote Win8.1/FF 32.0.3
  9. test test tes Test final Test reply from win 8.1/IE11 Test edit from win 8.1/IE11 Test quote from win 8.1/ IE11 post IE fix Test quote again from win 8.1/IE11 Test edit win 8.1/IE11 Test win 8.1/chrome Test final test tes
  10. Ok I think I have something.... If you quote someone its fine...until you go back in and make an edit. If you edit from the beginning of what you posted its fine but if you back space what you originally wrote the quote boxes disappear. It seems to matter where you write something when you quote someone and its definitely shows up with an edit.
  11. Tech support has tried to replicate the quote box issue and cant. Can someone who's experiencing it document it and take screen shots please? Also, please describe exactly when you get logged out without doing so yourself. Thanks!
  12. That's funny, the Bruins, Blackhawks and Flyers were the first teams I thought of when writing that post. EDIT: I like the idea od staying the course too but if a desirable player becomes available before opening day that could help the Canes, RF should consider it. Remember, he inherited JR's team so it wouldnt surprise me if he steered in a different direction.
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