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  1. I'm kinda partial to green hockey uniforms so I like it. Not sure about the classic look for a team that hasn't been around that long but, whatever gets them sold.
  2. I like the line and the fact that if Brindy regains most of his old form and is moved up, Cullen can keep the line just as dangerous if not more so.
  3. Judging by our depth it sure lookes like Mo will have a lot of options this comming season. Based on our opponents or how the guys' games are going I could see Staal centering either one of our top three wingers and maybe even Walker, and even Brindy flipping with Cullen.
  4. Talk about waste of time reading an article. His definition of "best" fans is nothing more than "most", determined from a compilation of simple attendance stats and number of blogs and message boards on the internet. Hinting that Leaf fans always fill their arena eventhough they pay the highest ticket prices makes me think that I already know his eventual conclusion. Leafs have the most fans, therefore they are the best. What a joke.
  5. lol his e2's are just lunch or golf confirmations between GMs. Unless it says e5, and then Eklund is only 60-40 right, his stuff isn't worth paying attention to.
  6. I think a Division title is possible but I feel we'll see another tight playoff race between seven teams fighting down to the last game of the regular season for the final five playoff spots. My biggest determining factors will be Brindy and how his season will go, if it will take Sammi close to the end of November again to finally get on the score board, is Jussi for real or will he morph into a Panther or Star again now that he has a new contract, and last not least, how many mood swings Staal will have before the All-Star break.
  7. Great news. Now I can't wait for an E5 on a buy-out and a trade.
  8. Now you got me watching YouTube highlights all night lol
  9. I don't know about anyone else but sometimes I wonder how much Babs is liked in the locker room. Reason I'm saying that is because I have noticed that during most of the year after getting a point, he never really got the same reception from the old vets as other guys did. Might just be me I know. But, if there is an issue between him and some of the guys on the team and management, that would also explain why JR is in no big hurry to compromise and keep him around.
  10. Looks like some of us were in JR's camp with all the wrong justifications eh?
  11. If coming off a career year in goals and assists, PP points and +/-, playing a big part in the Canes even making it to the playoffs with 4 GWGs and showing that he still has a lot of upside to him doesn't deserve some sort of a raise, then what does?
  12. I'll give the Florida management a perfect 10 on that one.
  13. Oh, no doubt drafting Zetterberg, Filppula and Franzen helped them out tremendously in the last 10 years, but outside those three guys their draft picks haven't amounted to anything notable. Their success really doesn't come from their exeptional drafting prowess but from what they did with their draft picks in the past ten years. They took the safe route by giving up six 1st rounders, four 2nd rounders and five 3rd rounders for players they wanted. Not a bad philosophy if you think about it since they would have drafted late in the rounds anyways but what happends when you have an aging team and the dice don't fall on the likes of Zetterberg, Filppula and Franzen in the future?
  14. Well, considering that in the last 10 years they only had one 1st rounder who actually made it to the NHL and 54 of the last 66 draft picks never played an NHL game at all, I guess you're right .
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