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  1. quote: I hope you take the Canes lightly like all the media. See where that gets you. Jersey and Boston have. if the Pens take the Canes lightly then they dont deserve to win. however, i seriously doubt thats going to happen. maybe youre right, maybe Jersey and Boston did take you too lightly. but i give my team more credit for being smarter than that. if your opponents in rounds 1 and 2 did that then they are stupid. its no secret that the Canes are a good team. its also no secret that we havent have the best of luck against you guys in the regular season. and that the two wins we did have against you were both with your backup goalie in the net. so i think the last thing the Pens will be doing is taking this series lightly. at any rate, im looking forward to the series. its gonna be...fun!
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