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  1. Same old song and dance, it's a TENTATIVE deal, all it really says it they've agreed that they might possibly consider maybe selling the team if Goldwater doesn't smack some reality into it and force the mystery investors (funny how the guys who have to supply the actual money never get named and have a habit of disappearing whenever they have to actually write a check) to pay their own bills. Bettman probably wants to have someone in the picture cause it's gonna look real awkward if a team owned by the league wins the cup, just like Hulshyster last year. Maybe you aren't familiar with rule #1 of the NHL, never EVER trust anything Bettman has to say, if he tells you the sky is blue, look for yourself, don't take his word for it.
  2. Just curious if you felt that way when the Nordiques and the original Jets moved? Did you feel this way for Whalers fans when they lost their team to Carolina? Or North Stars fans when their team was ripped away to Dallas? Canadian fans aren't angry about hockey in the south so much as the damage done to the game itself and the endless pandering to American TV networks at the expense of Canadian fans. If fans in the south are willing to support the team win or lose playoffs or not (see Toronto for an example) you'd be welcomed with open arms.
  3. Canadians actually comes from the official team name "Les Club du hockey Canadian" they are often called the Habs in reference to French Canadian settlers along the St. Lawrence who were referred to as "Habitants" Oilers is because Edmonton is the centre of the Canadian petrolium industry Flames simply kept the name when they moved from Atlanta Jets were because the original owner of the Winnipeg Jets was a fan of the New York Jets
  4. No need to be rude and sarcastic I was just pointing out how the term "original six" is not really accurate.
  5. Actually the NHL started in 1918 with 4 teams, all in Canada, Montreal Canadians, Toronto Arenas (who became the St Patricks then the Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, Montreal Wanderers) first American team was the Boston Bruins in 1926, the "original six" were really the survivors of the Depression and 2nd World War. The Arena only seated about 14000 (if that) the 15000 for the playoffs was standing room jammed in like sardines, when the game ended the arena looked like a circus act where 30 clowns pile out of a VW Beetle
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