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  1. Any info on a send off tomorrow ? The inlaws are in town and it'd me a great activity to meet up with the team before they jet off to nj?
  2. I'm on the line with DirecTV right now and they say that it's blacked out. I say, I don't care, I am a Center Ice subscriber. He doesn't get it, but is looking in to it while I'm on hold
  3. Brookbank is on a one way contract
  4. It says "The page you are looking for is unavailable. Please continue browsing JohnDeere.com by using one of the links below. " That's the publicized URL for the contest.
  5. http://johndeere.com/hattrickgiveaway What am I missing?
  6. Welcome to the boards. Glad you're a Caniac!
  7. The Ducks couldn't have gotten much worse. It was only up from there anyway
  8. You might want to credit the original author by providing a link to this article.
  9. His relentless focus on Samsonov the other night did get a bit tiresome
  10. I'm happy to see it. It's a nice change of pace from the NHL imposed template.
  11. Maybe we're just all Caniacs with the same ideals and ambitions for our team.
  12. Selling tickets out of town would obviously never be the point. Revenue comes in many different ways to a team, TV royalties, merchandise etc so bottom line, more fans = more money no matter where they are.
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