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  1. Yeah, our every day PA announcer Gene Honda has been on vacation for the past few games. I caught that mistake too. Anyway, it was a tough game to watch as a Hawk fan, but I was certainly impressed with what I saw with this Canes team. Staal is a great young player and Cam Ward played a very solid game. The play through the neutral zone was great, terrific transitions and great team speed. Great offensive zone presence from setting up behind the net to point shots through traffic. You guys caught a break on the first power play goal with Keith being knocked stickless and blowing coverage in the slot as a result, but no excuses for the next two. Little mistakes by the Hawks and the Canes just capitalized and that is where it counts. All in all it was good to see Ruutu back in the United Center, guy is a hockey player and I have a ton of respect for him. Not the outcome I was hoping for but whats better than live hockey right? You guys have a great team there, good luck through the rest of the season and into the playoffs.
  2. Hey guys, going to the game tomorrow at the United Center, wearing my Hawks sweater, of course. Cant wait to see Ruutu and Sammy return, its going to be a good game. I have to ask, since I dont get to see too many Canes games here in Chicago, how has Ruutu been playing for you guys? I can only assume he is bringing the physical game every night, but what about his offense? Has he picked it up at all on the new ice or does he still seem to be struggling. He was one of my favorite Hawks. Great attitude and always willing to sign an autograph and talk hockey after practices here in Chicago. Just curious as to how hes doing.
  3. Watching Ruutu from day one here in Chicago, I can tell you that he WILL bring that physical play every night. The boards are going to start to rattle in Carolina, something Im going to miss here at the United Center. You guys got a great player in Ruuty, I hope you can rebuild his confidence and make him a star. Much the same way the Canes did for Samsonov. He didnt work out here, but Im glad to see him succeeding with you guys.
  4. Ruutu has killed penalties for the Hawks, however lately he hasnt been so hot on the PK. Actually, the last PK that I watched Ruutu play he took two minor penalties and left the team down 5 on 3 with a couple of bad penalties. The one thing he does do is take some bad penalties. Gets a lot of charging calls for jumping into his checks, watch for it, he does it a lot. He disguises it well, but he gets called for it a fair amount. But overall he is a solid player. I wish him luck and hope he does well for you. I will be following you guys through the remainder of the season.
  5. He has been injured; however, his game this year has been as physical as i have ever seen him play in an Indian Head sweater. Seems like the injuries that kept him down have healed 100 percent and hes not even thinking about them. Believe it or not, you got a solid, solid player. If you use him right, he will be a keeper for sure.
  6. Hey guys, im a hawks fan here in Chicago. Been reading both boards about this trade and it seems like neither side knows what they really got. I can tell you exactly what you are getting in Rutty but can you help me out with Ladd. Ive seen a handful of canes games, but obviously dont follow them like the hawks. With Ruutu youre getting a player who will play his heart out every night. He hits like a freight train and is a tough S.O.B. along the boards. This past season hes struggled in Chicago, but i blame the system and coaching for that. He played well in the beginning of the year on the top two lines, slowed down and everybody panicked. We played him on the fourth line, and he didnt fit. He was miles ahead, skill wise, of the other two forwards. Solid on the third line, but still didnt have the skill around him to succeed. He can play the wing or center. Hes actually more than capable at the draw, he will win far more than he loses, at least, from what ive seen. He has good hands, but his confidence was killed by a bad system in Chicago. So help me out with ladd, what do we have here?
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