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  1. [quote name='TSA wrote: ivyleager']Bob Costas just announced that MSNBC had 60 million viewers! Where did that come from???? And he also compared the penalty box for hockey to the kiss and cry area for ice dancing I like Costas, but if he said that (and I have no reason to doubt you) then that's pretty lame. Unless he was making a joke...
  2. Well, that was kind of a letdown, but as far as the news itself goes I love the coverage 99.9 give the 'canes, so I'm happy.
  3. This injury situation is getting ridiculous, and not just this year. I would ask someone to provide me with a complete list of our recent injuries, player by player, in spreadsheet form, but my computer only has 6 gigabytes of RAM and 284 gigs of disk space left; it'd probably lock up.
  4. Sooner or later he'll take a cheap shot at the wrong player...
  5. As I understand it, they won't retire his number because of the circumstances of his death.
  6. How does that jib with an extra two minutes if a High Stick draws blood, then?
  7. I think you have to Google it; Boston Bruins message board, should be the first link. (I seem to remember something about not posting actual links to others' message boards, but I could be wrong...) By the way, two new reasons/excuses for the 'Canes win/Bruins loss (from the same page, no less)... "That being said friends, I think we are on our way out. Beers said it on WBZ at the end of the game: the Bruins were better, but not good enough." ...the Bruins were better, but not good enough. This might be a new favorite for me. We were the better team, but we just weren't good enough. Ooookay. And... "...but IMO this game was decided by crappy ice." There it is; we only win games because our ice is bad. (Someone help me out here; don't we actually have one of the better ice surfaces in the NHL?)
  8. It also doesn't explain the visual of the majority of the crowd apparently sitting on their hands. Except for goals scored or big hits, everybody was sitting down, being very polite; they could have been at a tennis match.
  9. From elsewhere... Brodeur would like to see bigger crease in NHL rinks The winningest goalie in NHL history thinks the NHL should make the goalie crease larger. Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Devils believes a bigger crease
  10. Also from the article... Any discussion in the past about implementation of a head-checking penalty - for any contact to the head, accidental or otherwise - has resulted in a stated fear that it might discourage or reduce the amount of hitting in the game. It has, therefore, gotten little or no traction. That any hit to the head is deemed OK is outrageous to me. I understand accidental contact, but if you institute the above mentioned head-checking penalty, it seems to me that the only type of hitting you will cut down on is...follow me closely here...hits to the head. They won't go away completely, as accidents happen. The NFL has a strict policy against contact to the head and it seems to work fine. The comment I quoted above is absurd (or at least what the comment refers to). It seems pretty clear to me; penalize any contact to the head, you cut down on contact to the head, and protect players at the same time.
  11. Ok, how do you pronounce Huet's name? I've mostly heard 'Hue-ay', Chuck Kaiton briefly called him 'Hue-et' (saying that that's the way Huet wanted it), and the Fla. radio guy has been saying 'Ooo-ay'.
  12. These radio announcers are going to give me a heart attack. "Panthers with the...they score! No, the puck is loose," etc...
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