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  1. I just dont want to be living under a bridge if I move to Raleigh...lol
  2. Here is actually the bigger problem for me. I have been in business for myself for the past 25 years and it will be tough starting out trying to get established. I own a painting business here in Roanoke Va. I have had a website up for almost a year now in Raleigh (www.lovernpainting.com) but not much luck doing it from a far. I am just going to have to take the chance i guess and do it.
  3. I have stayed at the Comfort Suites many a night but it gets a bit expensive. I love the Canes thats for sure but I also love Raleigh. When I come to the games it seems like im coming back home. Never been too happy with Roanoke Va.
  4. Thanks for the help. I have googled apartments near RBC but i was just wondering if anyone had any first had experience with any of them. Sometimes they look great online but could be awful to live at.
  5. Yes I am. Every time I give them grief they prove me wrong..thank god!
  6. Come on people....has everyone forgot about Trevor Kidd? Thats my jersey and I have been waiting a looooooonnnnnggggggg time for him to return.
  7. Thanks. I am trying to think of another but its hard to find good quality video. Most of the stuff on youtube is such poor quality. I guess I will have to record more games this year!
  8. I heard he was hit on the head with Mighty Putty but im not sure if thats true.
  9. Thats what i was trying to tell that clown. He kept saying we should have beat Pittsburgh because we beat Boston and New Jersey but the Stanley Cup Champ Red Wings couldn't beat them either.
  10. Thanks...couple of crybabies but I think they finally got the message...
  11. Thanks Guys...I just hope I have the money to make the trips to some games this year...this economy is killing me!
  12. I think the Sixers can beat the Celtics...Dr. J is too much for Bird. *Cough*Cough* ( Thats the last time I cared about the NBA!)
  13. What was interesting was watching it live and listening to Jack Edwards! Although I will have to say he was ok for most of the game until Walker scored and he called him "The Villian".
  14. I really don't think Beninati is that bad....Would you rather have Jack Edwards!
  15. If I'm not mistaken I sat in row J a few games ago and I remember no obstructions there....just a few clowns from Boston!
  16. What is the song we play when the other team gets a penalty and we go on the power play? It has Woo in it but its not the song when we score.
  17. I started this thread last year so I know what you mean. I Do like Forslund but not a Tracey fan at all but I have learned to live with him. As for Forslund needing to be more of a homer I disagree. Thats why I also like Mike Emerick also because he's not so bias. Try Listening to the Bruins feed...Jack Edwards...WHAT A HOMER! ITS SICK!
  18. I know someone is making some money though. The tickets I paid $40 for during the year are now up to $80. I know thats the way it is in the playoffs and I want to go to every game but can't stand much more of this.
  19. I seemed to have touched a nerve with you....Like I said, I can voice my opinion just like you. I just wanted to see if anyone else picked up on this. Do you actually think you can get in the head of the all time leader in wins? I could tell he was rattled after that 1-0 win on Thusday. Thats what this thread was all about...A ridiculous statement Mike made.
  20. Thats what forums are for...to voice your opinion. Sorry if you don't like mine and I agree with Coastal Caniac...I enjoy when Forslund comes on
  21. All the ones I talked to thought he was crazy...
  22. Gotcha...Ur right though....His problem is he over does it...either way
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