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  1. Sorry about misunderstanding the point of this thread. I know, pretty sad that Im still hanging around your board trying to rub salt in the wounds when I could be enjoying the first playoffs my team has seen in many years. I gotta run now because I dont want the bandwagon to leave without me, Im kinda new to cheering for the Caps this season. Good luck to you Canes fans next season!
  2. Sure... he was whining about the Canes having the 4th most wins so I am pointing out it doesn't matter because so did the Caps. The Caps have 43 as well and won... face it.
  3. So did the Caps so whats the point?
  4. Good player VS superstar fight. Staal is good but not on level of Ovechkin.
  5. Always runs its course when you don't hear what you want. Attack me for grammar? LOL you cant even spell blatantly. Staal's diving is not a sentence... it is a statement. Tripp talks more then the play by play guy... and you say they never complain about calls? I like the play by play guy... but Tripp cries every game.
  6. Doesn't matter what the Flyer's do. Caps win out and the Ott/Bos game doesn't go to OT the Caps are in. Its funny to watch you guys cry about calls and conspiracy's but I watch a ton of hockey and you guys get your fair share of calls thats for sure. For instance the 6-3 against the Caps earlier. With Staals diving. You guys unfortunately have the biggest homer announcer in Tripp to cloud you. OV didn't leave his feet on that hit... he went up on his toes but you guys are really crying over nothing. There is no conspiracy to get the Caps in or they wouldn't have blown that obvious goal in the NJ/BOS game... took ten minutes for Toronto to NOT see what everyone else saw and that was the puck clearly in the net. At this point the caps could very well get the 7th spot. Phllly has to play NJ and Pitt and I don't see them winning both of those. The Caps hold the tie breaker on everyone but the Canes.
  7. Staal is one of the biggest divers in the game.
  8. Out of 45 goalies Huet is now ranked 9th in SV% was ranked 11th in the league last year. Kolzig is 44 out of 45. Hard to argue Huet is not a huge improvement. Never claimed he was Patrick Roy but he is a HUGE upgrade over OldLoaf Kolzig.
  9. If you really think that you really don't watch other hockey do you? Anyone here who has watched allot of hockey meaning other teams via the Center Ice would not agree with you. Huet being ranked 5th and Kolzig dead last says it statistically but more than that you can just see it if you watch the games. Huet was let go in that deal for two reasons... They did nto want to get nothing for him and Price is their goalie and if you know the history they like to ride rookie goalies..aka Roy. If you watch NHL channels they all said that it was crazy they game him up for so little. He is a top Goalie in this league whether you want to check or not. This is a huge deal for the Caps.
  10. Sorry I did not see where I was to assume he would fair like Kolzig since you said how has Huet played against Carolina lately. Huet does not give up anywhere near the rebounds that Kolzig does. If you get a chance to see them play you will see... And yes the D should try to clear them..Problem with Kolzig is his rebounds are like popping popcorn... they are out of control. Huet statistically is the 5th best goalie in the league.He has the ability to send the few rebounds he gives up into the corners and out of the traffic area. Thats a far cry from Hoalie the Goalie. I have not once said the Canes wouldn't beat the Caps but to "assume" he will be like Kolzig is well assuming. Huet has proven that all ready in the first two games he has played ...with the same D that plays for Kolzig. I haven't missed a Caps game this year and I have watched almost every Canes game. His first game was a shut out.. Barely a rebound to speak of..hence they only allowed 18 shots due to no rebounds. No rebounds equals much fewer shots. There has been many that agree that the problem has not been the Caps D but rather the goaltender... I happen to fully agree that the Caps goalie has been horrid and their biggest need for concern. They have addressed that with Heut. The Caps are young true... Yes the Canes have had experience. You get that experience at some point and to laugh them off would be a mistake. They will be a very good team for a long time. I happen to think that both the Canes and Caps get in the way both teams are playing..especially because of the Caps recent trades.
  11. I believe you're quote was how Huet has played against you recently... I assume, since you know full well, you all ready new it was with Montreal by making the comment since he just arrived in Washington. I answered you're question... You just assumed he hadn't done well verse knowing so...You asked me If I knew how he has played against the Canes lately..I answered.
  12. Yeah he is 2-1 against you this year...you were saying>? 2.66 GAA and .923 save % Let me know if you need any further education.
  13. Like I said you guys do that with Huet in net I will be the first to give you props.
  14. Match them...this will be funny to see. When you guy clearly leave out the likes of Green, Alzner and Fehr and two top goalie prospects (not even going to try ans spell them lol) it seems to me you need to be brought up to speed. the only two eams that are on Par with the Caps system as far as prospects go are LA and Pittsburg
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