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  1. Looks like we got it.. I guess this cookout was a ploy all along lol.. Great news for the Canes, even better news for Raleigh. I guess my original 20% chances were a bit off : )
  2. Sorry guys but the story about firing pucks at Cam's helmet is a true one. Babchuk is talented but bad news.
  3. My bobblehead came with a C, but I saw pictures of others with an A? any ideas if the picture was just a prototype.. just wondering if some had an A and others had a C. Thanks guys
  4. Alberts for a 3rd makes no sense.. big D-man, will drop the gloves, young, pretty cheap, doesn't make too many mistakes, his upside isn't great but he is a top-6 guy that we could have kept for a while. All the other trades I'm ok with, Corvo is a unique talent at D, but he makes some costly mistakes with the puck and may be back next year anyway.
  5. And you're right about Ray.. his NTC sucked, a 1st rounder would have been nice.. but hopefully I'll eat my words when we can knock Corvo and Walker out of the playoffs (1st round)
  6. All we need to do in the FA market is resign Corvo/or similar D-man and pick-up a first line winger for E. Staal.. we'll be set, this team is good. I'm glad they didn't trade Samsonov, I think he is quietly part of the "core"
  7. This is the only bad trade we made today... besides NOT trading Ray
  8. My opinion - keep the "core," which has been discussed and most if not all the young guys.. dump salary, pick up prospects whatever.. this team needs a facelift. Go hard after Kovalchuk in the offseason (imagine him paired with Staal).. give him a 4-6 year max deal and we'll see where the team takes us.. we have a bright future, but we're still in need of a guy that can play with Staal aka another superstar (pens have Malkin/Crosby.. Caps have OV/Semin/others). Its similar to Kobe wanting to leave the lakers a few years back when there was no talent around him.. the way the East is stockpiling, I don't see us getting past Pens, Caps, Devils without another star or even winning a SE division title (that should be our goal EVERY YEAR- to compete with Washington for division banner). Take the high draft pick, develop young guys, get a bit more help on the backend (keep Gleas, Joni, Alberts), add a Star/Superstar and we're ready to roll out some solid lines next year and cause some damage. My two cents. If we dump salary we spent on Cole, LaRose, Rod, Sams, A.Ward, etc we may have cap space to do it
  9. I agree with your core list and I would include Rutuu and Jokinen as well. Also I think for the money and the leadership qualities, Cole wouldn't be worth trading for what we would probably get in return. Everyone else is expendable...Corvo will be hard to replace but being an good player with and an UFA, you have to think we'll try and get a 3rd or 2nd rounder for him. Whitney could get us a 2nd, and all the others would bring in lower round picks. Not sure what to do about Samsonov at this point. I think you make a valid point as well. Perhaps this can be construed as a positive for the organization; we all knew they were rebuilding next year, at least we're getting some returns and a potentially high draft pick in a good year to get one. Besides I have been impressed with Sutter and Boychuk -- we're nowhere near as hopeless as the Cleveland Browns.
  10. I would prefer they finish last then anything below 8th. This team needs to be rebuilt, we knew that even going into this year...we have some pieces to move and some promising young players. Lets pick up some young guys and picks and let everyone over 30 go...it sucks but its part of sports.
  11. I would prefer they finish last then anything below 8th. This team needs to be rebuilt, we knew that even going into this year...we have some pieces to move and some promising young players. Lets pick up some young guys and picks and let everyone over 30 go...it sucks but its part of sports.
  12. Realistically, we have a shot at the #1 seed...I see ALL of the Eastern contenders taking a step backward in many KEY areas (Philly and Caps in goal, especially) and the Pens losing Scuderi and Gill among others and the hangover will make a difference. Boston missing Kessel for half or all of the season, losing Ward and others dampers their chances. I thought Thomas and their team overachieved last year in a semi-weak division. Devils aren't any better. If Gaborik stays healthy NY could surprise some people. While I think our division has improved as a whole (not a difficult thing to do), I think it will serve us nicely that we play ATL, Tampa, and Florida 6 times. I think the SE is probably the weakest division in the East. Washington will continue to be an enigma...they have immense offensive talent but they don't click on the same cylinders we usually do -- something is off with their chemistry. We have solidified and balanced our defense in front of a good goalie with the pick-ups, trades and Maurice. Offensively, we have a variety of weapons and a mix of checkers and speed. Under the radar we have daft punk'ed our roster - harder, better, faster, stronger -- just not younger. I think we're in a good spot because if we do have a complete and total melt-down we have the necessary pieces to trade at the deadline to bring in good prospects and picks. If we stay healthy and don't break down, the 'Canes are a team the East will fear playing (we saw that in the playoffs). My prediction is #2 seed, Cole comes back really strong, Brind-Amour performs well on the 3rd line in his swan song, we pick up another top-flight winger between now and the trade deadline and make the ECF again. After this season we lose some players but our prospects have come a long way since our bare cupboard 05-06 run (Doug Weight trade did what it was supposed to do, but hurt depth long-term)...We're very very lucky to have a well-run small market team.
  13. I agree with Muir and I also think this is our best chance to win the Cup since 05-06 and probably for the next few years. We have a really solid team. If most everyone stays healthy and Cam is solid we should put up a division banner, at minimum.
  14. I'd take Zherdev 1yr/3.9...he would be playing for a contract and is very talented. We need more scoring. The guy did have 58 points last year. Did anyone ever sign Prospal?
  15. TB just bought Prospal out...he could be a solid addition to our forward corp...lots of talent
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