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  1. [quote name='caniac-97 wrote: krad']Did he mention why? I figured he or Green would be a shoo-in. If worse comes to worse they can always make the locker room door wider for his head to fit through. fans like his game but not his attitude/leadership. they don't want their team to have that attitude. Nice try. Ovy is the Captain and will be until he retires. Great pet name for him you have.
  2. Wow. Just wow. I understand you guys hate the Caps but you're taking this hatred to a whole new level. If Downie went after Staal you don't think Gleason or someone would jump in?? Would you feel the same way then?
  3. Don't forget Gleasons knee on knee to Ovy last year. Or how about when Kevin Adams knee'd Gonchar? Can't forget that stuff.
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