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  1. Much better! Now my eyes go straight to the camera, and then when I look around, I can see the other things. Awesome.
  2. The camera doesn't have to be centered to be a focal point. I actually think it's more artistic when stuff isn't centered. I think your thing could look really awesome if you some how make the camera really jump out at you. But now that I'm thinking about it, you want the other things to be seen, so don't give so much "WOW" to the camera, that the other things are neglected when looking at the image. Other than that, you're pretty good at this stuff.
  3. Is the camera vectored? I think it is. Good work on that. Also, is the camera the focal point of the whole image? Or is there no focal point. I suggest making the camera the focal point. Like the main image if you know what I mean. And create everything around it. Maybe it would help if you tell me what exactly the contest is. Like what should your image show. Also if the camera is suppose to be your focal point, it doesn't seem like it is. The stuff in the background somewhat takes away from it. Sort of like too much happening in the back ground, and all the colours distract the eyes. For me, my eyes are darting all over the place to. I think it would be awesome if the first thing you notice when you view the image is this vectored camera. And then all the things stem from that. I don't know how you would create such an affect, probably a glow or shadow, perhaps using different colours in the background. I hope that helps. :-)
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    Don't insult Stajan!!!!!!!!! And there is no coincidence that we started losing since Sundin came back. I could have played Koivu or my fantasy team, but i benched hi, Damn.
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    I blame Sundin. Damn Sundin. And I annoyed you without trying. Go me!
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    You annoy me.
  7. High School, and house league. So not that high up. But I'll admit if we couldn't ice it at high school, it would be a bit of a pain, but not too much, because all the teams we play against don't set up a proper power play.
  8. My advice is to buy a laptop with really good specs, right now. 512 MB of RAM would be sufficient, but if the price isn't too different, I'd recommend 1 GB of RAM, since upgrading is difficult for a laptop. As for Storage, I do recommend something like 80 GB. But if it like replacing your desktop, I'd recommend maybe a bit more. The one you're looking at has a pretty weak video card, but if you're not doing anything that requires high graphics, I'm sure it will do. The one you're looking at is a pretty good laptop I'd say. Just remember what I said about RAM. Because right now, I'm guessing your laptop would be slower than you're desktop. But if you have 1GB of RAM, it will improve that a bit. Hope that helps.
  9. Using Toronto as an example does not justify your argument. Last year (despite missing the playoffs) Toronto had the 2nd highest PP%. This year, they're 9th so far. So I'm sure the league doesn't really care about the Leafs' power play chances. It doesn't sound like you're actually thinking this one through, it sounds like you're more bitter about Toronto's saturday night loss to the Devils then anything else. Boohoo! Did you know that in the 50s a player had to serve his full 2 mins regardless of how many powerplay goals the other team scored? The league quickly changed the rules so that the first goal would negate the remainder of the penalty. Is this not rewarding the penalized team as well? Why cut their penalty short because the other team scored? Their reasons were simple "too many goals were being scored on the power play", esp by Maurice Richard and the Montreal Canadiens. And how can you be so sure the Devil's power play unit would get the puck to the redline with ease? If they did, they'd have the most short hand goals in the league. You really need to stop seeing this icing rule as rewarding the penalized team, because it's not. Even strength hockey is not the same as 5 on 4 hockey, I don't know why this is so hard for you to understand? In order to convince me, maybe you should try explaining to me what the general defensive strategy would look like on the PK without the icing. Ok, let me explain how I see it. Since the shorthanded team is allowed to do something they aren't allowed to do when they are even strength, I look at it as an advantage. I suppose I won't be able to change your mind, and you mine. I'll admit when I stated my original opinion, I did not entirely think about the effects. I still think being able to ice it is an advantage, but I'll admit you're thinking is pretty logical. So let's leave it at that?
  10. Then you really lack knowledge about the game. The rules are the way they are because it's fair already. You're not rewarding a team by allowing them to ice the puck when killing a penalty! I can't stress this enough, you're still looking at this idea as if it's just black and white. If the defending team keeps dumping the puck down the ice during a penalty it's not because they've been rewarded, it's because the other teams power play unit SUCKS! Teams are aloud to ice the puck on a PK because without it, there would be NO defensive strategy for a penalty. Power plays would never leave the defending zone and PP% would rise to something like 75% (which is absurd). Players would be so afraid to be physical on the ice out of fear of drawing a penalty, that the NHL would turn into the biggest fairy sport on ice. To borrow the words of Marty Brodeur "If you change the rules that drastically, it won't even be called hockey anymore" I disagree. They are being rewarded. because they are getting to do something they wouldn't be able to do even strength. Also, about your comment on the Power play unit sucking. I disagree on that too. The Leafs have a pretty good power play unit. But the New Jersey Penalty Kill was too good for them, and it was more than just dumping it down. I bet if there was in fact a rule where they couldn't ice it, the Devils power play unit would be able to get it to the red line with ease. I'm pretty sure if they do in fact enforce that rule, which I doubt they will, it would once again change the style of game for the special teams, more particularly the PK units.
  11. You're assuming that my NHL world revolves around the Leafs, when it doesn't. In fact, I don't even care if a rule screws over the Leafs. I really couldn't care less. If the PK is actually fair, then I like it. Right now, I don't think it is.
  12. That's exactly what I am talking about! But seriously though. You're not allowed to shoot the puck over the glass even strength too, so I don't' see where the poster was going with that. I don't know if you're seeing the whole situation. When you're even strength, you're not allowed to ice the puck, right? But when you're a man shot, you're allowed to. Why? I don't really see the point in that, while you are taking a man away, you are giving them a chance to ice the puck. So literally, you are almost canceling the power play out. The whole point of the power play is for the team with an advantage to have a better chance to score, and they would technically be getting that with the disadvantaged team not allowed to ice the puck. I'll say it again, why should the team that is supposed to be disadvantaged, do something they wouldn't be able to do when you're at even strength? What exactly is the disadvantage of that?
  13. Well I don't blame him for anything. he's liked her way longer than I've liked her. And I only started liking her when we started talking for hours straight one Spring break. But yeah, I had to back off. And now he's really happy, so that's good.
  14. Yeah man, I totally agree with you. When the team is being penalized, it's like basically giving them a life line. If you're not allowed to ice the puck when its even strength, why should you be allowed when you're supposed to be penalized. If they take out that rule, we may see a whole different type of penalty. Maybe one that is geared more towards positioning. I think it would be better for the game.
  15. This thread is funny. Kind of reminds me of the Avs board, when we had a thread just for talking, and it would get around to girl/boy problems. haha, now they don't let us have those threads anyways! Hows this for a girl problem, the girl I liked for like half a year, is going out with my friend. Eh, I'm glad he's happy. he's liked her for two years, and thought he'd never have a chance, and now his dream came true. I ended up telling him I didn't like her anymore, so he wouldn't have to worry about what I thought.
  16. Yeah like said above me, look east. If possible towards the horizon.
  17. Haha, I remember that line! Hopefully, you just jinxed it, and we'll win the Stanley Cup this year. And then I'll become the Queen of England, y'know. I actually have the '67 game on tape. With the Esso commercials, and also the commercials about the car they were giving away during expo 67. So if anyone wants to hear, "The Toronto maple Leafs have won the Stanley Cup!", you know where to find me.
  18. I do!! :mrgreen: Yeah, you definately can. I could barely do anything on skates besides skate forward in June and I now play for NC State's Lady Pack and a Raleigh House team. Once you get a few basic skating techniques down and a little puck handling it's pretty easy, and a lot of fun. Hah yeah! Well I knew how to skate since age 4. But then I stopped skating for like 3 years, and started to play hockey in grade 9. Actually, my first first time skating again was during evaluation. Sucks since I was bumped down an age group. But second year, I played with people my age, and made the school-team, well everyone made it. But during school games and practices I improved a lot, and this year, so far I have been on one of two of the A teams.. 4 players a team.. and there are 30 players overall, trying out. So I guess I am hanging in there, and looks like I should make the team at this rate. Some really good players on the B-team, so we'll see if he demotes me next practice. Sort of nervous, I am. But I am definitely one of the fastest. Probably the fastest who doesn't play A or above.
  19. Ha! I thinkyou're crazy. But it's cool. I personally, come up with stupid games myself, but I get tired of them, and I definitely wouldn't have the drive to cover my windows with a blanket or even modify a box. Does anyone here play ice-hockey? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v318/datyga/DSC00003.jpg The blur.
  20. Because you're not the smartest leaf fan. :mrgreen:
  21. Haha, I thought the same thing. I bet he gets that quite often. By the way, I believe this is what you're looking for... Actually once before on the Avs board. That's all. And that was a picture after a game of hockey. You silly kids, I don't look like Prince. :|
  22. Ok since I didn't post a proper pic earlier, here's a pic of the smartest leaf fan.
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