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  1. He's done nothing for the Leafs. Glad to see him gone. I wonder if we will ever find out the real reason he was fired.
  2. About damn time. Could use watching some pro level hockey. Been stuck only seeing the minor hockey that I referee. Can't wait for things to get going again and will continue to pray that nothing bad happens between now and first puck drop. I too was very happy to hear of a 10 year deal. I should be nice and old by the time the next CBA comes around.
  3. Wow that was powerful and its something I never even knew had happened. Not once have I seen that in the media. People of all backgrounds and social classes coming together and working together for the common good. What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I was visiting Florida last week and met up with an off duty cop from Connecticut at Aquatica. We were discussing this case and the differences between the United States and Canada. Had this occurred in Canada he would probably be facing about 10 years in prison, probably less with good behaviour and such. I was reading a news paper article after he was found guilty. It stated that he faces a minimum of 60 years in jail and a maximum of 442 years. I was thinking just how wonderful your system is for offenders like this. He is someone who never deserves to be free and even if he managed "early parole" that wouldn't be for like 40 years so he would likely be very dead by that point. Like wise if he gets the maximum, even with good behaviour he would be looking at an exit date in about 320 years. I know your system has problems, as does the Canadian system. But for offenders like this I saw God Bless The USA!!!
  5. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=629019 Got 25 games for his hit on Hossa. At first I thought it was excessive but once the NHL broke it down I think their reasoning and logic are bang on and the 25 games is well deserved. Thoughts?
  6. I saw "The Devil Inside" a few weeks ago. What a horrible movie. I would go so far as to say it was the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. Not scary at all. Horrible plot, brutal ending. In fact the ending happened so quickly that it took everyone by surprise and we all just kind of hung around during credits thinking that more was coming until they put the lights on in the theater. Wish I could get my money back on that one.
  7. My opinion coming from a referee is that referee's never make mistakes. We are perfect at all times. The NHL wouldn't be able to find blown calls or mistakes cause there aren't any. I do like the Situation Room. Nice to see what gets disputed around the league.
  8. Personally I think the anthem should be played before each game. In many, if not most States a good chunk of the crowd is made up of people who love their country and have family members serving their country. Same goes in Canada. If you like the country you live in then it should be shown by either singing the anthem when its played or else standing quietly. If you can't spend a minute being quiet for the anthem of your home country perhaps you need to find a new country to call home. Far too many people have put their lives on the line or gave their lives for the freedoms that we all enjoy. Show a little respect.
  9. Certainly was an odd thing to do. But all this hate of teams...why hasn't my Leafs been mentioned yet?
  10. I like how he takes into consideration whether the hit was intentional or not, as well as the players past history. I remember many of those clips happening last season and at most resulted in a game or two suspension if that. Eight games certainly isn't a joke.
  11. Those videos are amazing and extremely well done. It will help fans understand the rational behind the suspensions and it shows a video clip of the incident. I also like how Shanahan states in the video "I decided to suspend...". He didn't state The NHL or give a blanket statement. He is taking responsibility for his decisions. I'm happy to hear of these heavy suspensions for those kind of hits. Both were easily avoidable and not necessary. I hope this trend continues through the regular season and playoffs. Shanahan may very well be the best thing to happen to the NHL in a while.
  12. Is it just me or did they make this rule less of a punishment? I thought they wanted to eliminate head contact???
  13. Good Afternoon and welcome. Unfortunately we do not allow the advertising of non-NHL forums. I wish your team all the best this year and look forward to seeing your team play.
  14. There is even talk of having the linesmen wear a bluetooth like device to communicate with each other. http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_daddy/post/Pros-and-cons-to-giving-NHL-referees-wireless-co?urn=nhl-wp10941
  15. Apparently it was felt all the way up north in good old Toronto. I didn't feel it but a lot of my coworkers did and it was reported on the news that there was activity in Toronto. Not very strong though.
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