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  1. Sad thing is, that hit from Ovie may result in this being the end of Campbell's season... http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=521416
  2. What will happen to the ECHL Checkers? Are they here as well or do they become an AHL team?
  3. When I saw this during the game last night, I was thinking he would get suspended but it probably wouldn't stick. After all, Scott Walker was called on it too. The difference is that they took until the next day to decide Scotty's fate and they fined him for it instead. Not even a fine is going to be given to Malkin from the articles that I've read. Definite inequality from what I've seen in the League.
  4. My thoughts on it is that it's all the coaches working on it. They all observe things from offense/defense/net and put it together, maybe with some input from the players as they go. Mo might make the final decision, but I'm sure he doesn't make it without input from the others - they might observe something that he missed because he was watching something else. Whatever it is, the players and coaches are doing great. I can't wait to see how far it takes them! Go Canes!!
  5. The hubby and I live in Fort Mill. We usually watch the game at home. I remember the Dave and Buster's being set up as get togethers, but with the later hours of the games and having a long drive back to SC, we couldn't make it.
  6. I think everyone was stunned on that shot. The camera focused on Brodeur and he had a "wait... what?" expression. Excellent game! I'm so glad I was able to watch every one of them that was televised. NBC had NO idea what they were letting go by with not broadcasting this one nationally. Nail biters, drama, gritty determination - it was all that and more! Bring on the Bruins! Win or lose, I still love this team!
  7. And the Hawks go on to round 2!!! Doing the happy dance here. So happy to be the Bulin Wall back in fine form again :wub:
  8. I'm a big Khabibulin fan so I'm pushing for a Hawks win. He was awesome in net during the Sunday game - reminds me of his time with the Lightning during their run for the cup. That's what got me interested in watching hockey. Go Hawks!!
  9. Part of what you get to see also depends on where you live. We have Comporium in our area of Fort Mill, and though their TV guide was claiming that the game would be on last night, it was college hoops instead. We are in the dreaded "outer market" and they evidently can post what they like, even if FSN is scheduled to broadcast a certain number of games. Once March Madness begins, about the only hockey I'll get to see are the Thrashers games, if I'm lucky.
  10. Oh noes! I am so sorry to hear that, Jan. I was really hoping that things would work out for you folks about the shop. Keeping you and David in our thoughts as you work your way through this. <<<<<hugs>>>>> Debbie
  11. Yes, this is supposed to reach the women out there because for some reason, women and shoes go together. Thanks, Sex and the City, for adding to the myth. I am really over this commercial and I'm female. I have 2 pairs of shoes, one for work and one for casual.
  12. Wow!! I never knew the guys could shake it like that! Thanks for the laugh, JT! Great stuff!
  13. I believe I had seen the memo come from the ECHL around the first of the hockey season that the rumors of the Lynx folding weren't true, but I can't be positive. With age comes a teflon memory <_<
  14. Sounds like they might have been a casualty of the current state of the economy. Sad to hear that they're gone and Augusta has lost their team.
  15. I wouldn't think the points would be cut from the teams they played. The Checkers were scheduled to play them the night of the announcement (I believe) and everything had to hurriedly be changed to accomidate the sudden void. Considering that the Checkers have to go up against the Bobcats scheduled games, rescheduling is probably a hassle. Question I've got is what about the points that the division teams will lose by not playing the Lynx? Will they just play extra games in their division to make up for it (such as instead of playing a team 4 times, they play them 6 times)? Also what happened to the Lynx? Early in the season I'd heard that rumors of their shutting down was just that and then they're gone.
  16. Excellent looking blog, GSGB! I've got it book marked in my daily blog reads so I can check it out more thoroughly over the weekend. Thanks for letting us know about it!
  17. When it comes to the Charlotte Bobcats, most of the people didn't want another NBA team coming in. It was brought to a vote whether to build a new arena and the people voted against it by a good majority, if I recall. The arena was built anyway. That's one reason a lot of the Charlotteans don't attend the games. They didn't ask for it, they didn't vote for it but they're stuck with it anyway.
  18. The problem I have in my area (Fort Mill, SC) is that even if the Canes are listed as being broadcast on the online TV guide, there's a good chance that it won't be on where I live. Women's basketball, Braves baseball and even poker tourneys will get broadcast, but not Canes hockey. If there were 50+ games broadcast on FSN, we were lucky if we got to see 40. Even with a higher number of broadcasts next season, we probably will be lucky if we see 40 games. It had been well over 6 weeks towards the end of the season since we were able to catch a game on FSN, and the hubby and I had NO idea who the new players were. I've kept up on the Canes page, but we'd never seen them in action or even knew their sweater numbers. We are getting to the point of becoming Thrasher fans simply because we get to see them play. I don't want to be a Thrashers fan!! I can't stand their announcers!!! What I'd like to know is whether this is an issue with my local cable group (it's a monopoly here in York County, unfortunately), or if it's further up the food chain. As hubby pointed out, the team is called CAROLINA Hurricanes, not NC Hurricanes or RALEIGH Hurricanes. I don't expect to see every game played, but I'd sure like to those that are promised in the TV Guide. Any suggestions on who to contact?
  19. Yeah, but he's a very tired brick wall after that. If the Canes can put pressure on him like that several more times, they'll be able to get past him. Just need to keep the puck on the Panthers side and keep chipping away.
  20. There's some of us "morons" that aren't allowed to receive flu shots. The hospital I work for frequently offers free flu vaccines to the staff, but when I've gone to receive an injection and they discover that I'm allergic to eggs, I can't get the shot. It has to do with how the culture is made.
  21. We don't do the tree thing. I don't have the time to go in the living room every hour to pick up the tree after our cats have been investigating it
  22. I've got my request in. Also, anyone interested in adding me as a friend on their myspace page, I'm at... http://www.myspace.com/shadowfangal
  23. Merry Christmas and also Happy Newtonmas as well!!
  24. Not only that news came out, but I'd also read that their mom was in a book deal on parenting and now that's been shelved. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2007/12/18/j...ne_n_77421.html
  25. From what I remember of the game, John had made one or two saves seconds prior to that and couldn't get back into time into the net (I seem to remember him being blocked). Gleason and Wes were trying to help him. Again, that's what I seem to recall...
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