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  1. Thank you guys!! :DD:D It's been superb and I just woke up haha
  2. Mine is luvnjojo63... gasp. Hahha, basically if anyone wanted to have any contact with me, just find luvnjojo63.. Ill be there
  3. www.myspace.com/luvnjojo63 suprised?
  4. I dont dislike any of them, I try not to learn about their personalities too much, (interferes with a lot) doesnt matter to me if their jerks or funny guys... If they play great on gameday, youre fine in my book. But of course if you stink it up.......... thats a different story
  5. luvnjojo63


    Such cuteeee petsss. (hope everyone had a good summer btw) This is my stinky mcstinkster
  6. Not too fond of them, Im hurrying up and buying another ccm before theyg o byebye forevverrrrrrrrrrr. But thats just me.
  7. Good luck both of you!!! My dad rides in it every year, maybe this year he can get some kinda hurricane pride stuck on his bikey haha.
  8. I dont know how long it has been up, but on the main site it says he will be inducted in November. First player out of the four, can't wait to see who's next. Congraaaaaaaaaatulationsssss Ronnie!
  9. I went there last week and I stocked up on some of their clearance items and yayyy for player socks at the Caniac Carnival.. I only found one josef sock so the guy told me I could just have it hahaha. Good times.
  10. I want everyone that goes tonight, to have extra fun on my part please. Oh its a good day already...
  11. Oh how I love memories...... I wonder if they'll let me wear my jersey at work that day.... hmm.
  12. Hmmm...... Do I detect some gearing up? Haha yes yes By August I think we'll all have the shakes and eye twitches going on( if you havent yet !).. Soon enough we'll all be there, waiting
  13. Falalalalaaaa. This was today, We went to Durham and on the way back made a quick stop by my first love, the rbc. Tis made me happy. (click it to make it larger)
  14. i have a 46" Westinghouse, recently rated best buy. it has three HDMI inputs, 3 component inputs. LCD is the way to go because it supports 1080p which is the highest resolution of any HD format. I think the highest you can go with plasma is 720p and plasma has to be recharged after 2-3years. feel free to pm me if you want more info on my setup or to check it out. I work at sears in electronics (woo yes i got a new job about a monthish ago!!!!!!)And we have 1080p plasmas. But on the debate of plasma and lcd's it depends greatly on a lot of things. Light in the room, what you'll be using it for (games and such). If you have anyother questions then you can pm me if you want, either way good luck!
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