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  1. Today we will see some interesting picks to say the least. I, for one, am pleased with Paradis. He's not huge, but he is certainly bigger than alot of what we have already, and he probably has the hardest shot of anyone in the draft. Think Matt Cullen minus a bit of skill, but with alot more grit and a harder shot. I think the best available player left in the draft is the Swift Current Bronco's Cody Eakin. It's true, he's smaller, and probably won't be available when we pick anyway, but I've watched him play all year and there is nothing this kid does poorly (except fight, but that's another story...) Also, It's good to be back folks. Hi.
  2. First, it's Canadian. Second.... so what? Philadelphia was the first team to have an all european defensive core. Some may see the lack of Canucks on the blueline as a weakness.
  3. elchrisco

    The Burg

    Pair up Seidenberg and Pitkanen... Channel some of that philly Mojo from Pitkanen's rookie year. Ya know... the one where he was nearly a point per game player?
  4. So... you're saying that the majority of hockey fans, and 90% of Canadians are lame?
  5. Terrible, terrible move. Dan Boyle does everything Meszaros does...only better. They traded away Boyle, THEN had to give up solid prospects, a decent defenseman and a draft pick for a lesser version of Dan Boyle, and THEN signed him to a $4 million per year contract, eating cap room. This doesn't make ANY sense no matter how you look at it.
  6. He happens to remind me alot of another player known as Sami who played for the Canes in his prime.... Though Kapanen didn't have the hands that Samsonov does... and was more gritty...
  7. "Win, or we'll trade you to Columbus."
  8. Agreed. Every position is up for grabs this year. I don't think Laviolette will put up with anything short of 100% effort every night this year. The players who want it more will get the ice time and if O'Neil comes in and works his tail off, I can see him taking Cole's spot on Staal's wing.
  9. elchrisco

    Julia Rowe

    From Saskatchewan to the Rowe family: Our hearts and prayers are with you all. Julia was and will forever remain an inspiration to us all. Rest in peace Julia. Gone, but never forgotten.
  10. Oh obviously not... it's still pretty cool to see if you can make it there... relatively unknown and hardly disturbed by man. Even so, it's a hell of a time trying to get out there.... Wasn't this about Cole or something?
  11. Well, on the other side of it, while we do experience long periods of cold weather, the temperature also reaches 40+ degrees celcius in the summer. (around 90 in American terms I believe)... The Canadian prairies have one of the largest temperature swings in the world from season to season. Not to mention sand dunes that pop out of nowhere (See "The Great Sand Hills") and 100,000 lakes located just in Saskatchewan.
  12. I find it odd that a bank that claims to "Invest Locally" has the naming rights to the RBC Center.... the Royal Bank of Canada Center in Rahleigh.....
  13. I can't believe anyone would complain about Edmonton winters.... out here in Saskatchewan, we have approx 225 days a year where temperatures are below 0 degrees Celcius... (Thats 225 days below freezing to clarify with my American friends)
  14. My opinion on Melichar is based on what I've seen of his play, as well as the opinions of several hockey analysts on both TSN and XM Radio... As for why he played in Europe last year.. there are ALOT of players who simply couldn't find NHL jobs last year, despite being solid players...
  15. Decent 2-way defenseman. Not alot of offense to his game but makes the safe play and is consistant. Think Commodore, without as much physicality but with better positioning.
  16. In one sense, it can be beneficial from a personal standpoint to play in a smaller U.S. market, simply because of the significantly lesser media pressure... However, there is something to be said for the chills and honour one feels when you pull on a Toronto Maple Leafs or Montreal Canadiens jersey...
  17. My guess is that it's the same jersey that was intended to be released last season... they just didn't change it even though it is being released this year rather than last. Don't knock it until you see it. I have no reason to doubt him on this. He has givin in depth descriptions on other teams jerseys as well and if he is blatantly wrong here it would be a strong knock on his integrity as a journalist. He has no motivation to lie or make up a story about something like this whatsoever. *edit* 10 Stars= 10th State?
  18. Howard Berger is a respected journalist in the Toronto area and has seen photos of this, as well as most other third jerseys. That is the way he described the photo of the jersey sent to him by a source within the Hurricanes or leagues front office. It may also be a leak from RBK themselves, who know what every jersey will look like, as they have to make them.
  19. This is the info on the Canes third jersey, which has been seen by Toronto broadcaster Howard Berger: CAROLINA: The Hurricanes will introduce a black third jersey, with red and white trim
  20. I live.... well... an absolutely absurd distance from NC (Saskatchewan, Canada) and I have run into countless other Hurricanes fans up here. The only woman I have ever met from NC, who moved up here a few years ago actually is a huge Canes fan. My point is that if there are 500+ Hurricanes fans in a population of approx. 1 million, a few thousand miles from North Carolina, one can only assume that the support must be there. I find it amazing, people in this province can name the Hurricanes when they list off NHL teams, but they forget teams like St. Louis, Nashville, Phoenix, L.A., Atlanta, Florida and Columbus.
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