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  1. The raffle is over! Congratulations to all the winners, and THANK YOU for helping Theatre in Park to raise money. And, also-- a big thanks to Ray Whitney, and the Hurricanes organization-- especially, Doug Warf. All the winners have been contacted. To see a list of the winners, go here: http://www.theatreinthepark.com/currentpro...le-whitney.html Maybe you'll see a friend on the list! Here's to a great season. Training camp starts in less than a week, now!! Let's Go 'Canes!!
  2. Thanks to all who have bought tickets. We still have some left, but ticket sales end at 5PM tomorrow (Friday), Sept. 4. A board member PM'd me with questions about the menu, so I'm posting a copy of my answer here, in case you've had the question on your mind, too. Yes-- you'll have a choice of menu options. It's a 3-course meal, and wine is included. If you wanted a cocktail, that'd be extra. If you've been on-the-fence about buying a ticket, don't wait any longer!!
  3. You're probably right, but I think it's a Caniac's version of the "Krispee Kreme" race where they have to eat a dozen donuts mid-way thru the race. Now THOSE people are definitely not right!
  4. Thanks for playing!!! Now that the 'Canes have the event mentioned on their website, the pace of ticket sales is picking up. We're VERY excited!!
  5. Yes, Nancy, that's right. It'll be a dinner party with Ray and the 5 winners, plus their guests-- altogether on the same date. If my math is right, that's a group of 11 people. Oh, dear! I forgot Mrs. Whitney! Brijet is co-hosting with Ray. So that's a party of 12.
  6. Thanks folks, for the kudos to Coquette's. I'm fond of it myself. They've created a really warm and inviting atmosphere there. If it's a mild day and all the windows are open, with the curtains billowing in the breeze, it feels like you could be in a cozy place on the streets of Paris. A French brasserie is similar to a bistro. The definition of brasserie: an unpretentious restaurant, tavern, or the like, that serves drinks, esp. beer, and simple or hearty food. (and, yes-- I can type, dictionary.com! LOL) If anyone reading this thread has participated in the raffle, thanks a million! We just reached 100 tickets sold!
  7. Thanks, Dreamie. Yes -- as mentioned in the announcement above, all funds collected are going toward Theatre in the Park's Community Arts and Education Fund. It is a fund-raising event to help a non-profit theatre company. The expense of the dinner itself is covered by the hosts: Ray Whitney & Coquette Brasserie This event is a creative way to give some lucky Caniacs a special evening with their favorite player, and raise money for a worthy cause. Spread the word!
  8. The Whitney's It will be a nice event. Take a chance!!
  9. Take care, Justin. We wish you a speedy recovery. We'll really miss all your contributions on the ice. We hope you'll continue to be an inspiration for the guys in the locker room, while your body heals.
  10. YES!! Free for everyone!
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