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  1. Here's a pic of Leighton's new mask. He went to the same place that Cam Ward uses, Eyecandyair.
  2. some inside scoop about Mike Maniscalco http://canescountry.com/blog/?p=355' target="_blank">Mike Maniscalco[/post]
  3. The horse might be dead to some people which is fine, but it certainly isn't dead to everyone. If you had a glass smashed at your feet in the parking lot, or beer poured on you, or you were assaulted in some other way, you tend not to forget. Why does everyone have to conform and march in lock step in here? Aren't people allowed to have different opinions?
  4. Agree with most of what's being said here, but just to add, I think Kaberle is usually a pretty good passer and does an above average job of passing the puck out of the zone. Aaron Ward and a few others in our present D have trouble consistently doing that.
  5. I don't disagree from a fan standpoint but from a GM standpoint Cole is a $4mil salary and has always been difficult to deal with at contract time. Cole will be a UFA come next contract time which will make him even more difficult to deal with, so getting a major return now could be a plus. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing about the possibility of trading Cole, but he is under contract for the next 2 years, 4 million each. One good reason to trade Cole this year might be to get a high level defenseman in return. Either way, I'd hate to see him go.
  6. I agree with you, I thought J Johnson for J Staal was not a good deal at the time, but I'd do that deal in a heartbeat now.
  7. Yep, funny thing is he looks like he might have been a practical joker back then too. Don't feel too old, we all looked younger 11 years ago! :wink:
  8. I sent them an email with a pic too. No reason that they shouldn't have Chad's photo. Canes Country
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