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  1. I saved them to my computer and uploaded them to my photobucket account and pasted the code...did you? or did you just upload the pics from your computer?
  2. aww, thank you guys lol Yeah, I did my research on the goal horn...this franchise had that horn since the Brass Bonanza days back in Hartford. Our horn...well, what can I really say about the new Kings goal horn except we finally changed that damn thing after 10 years to something good for once: a train whistle or as most kings fans refer to it as "B.M.F.T.W." (big mf'n train whistle) I did find some ideas on what the canes 3rd jerseys could look like: and a idea for the alternate logo... as for my team, for you old school fans that remember our "raider days" (black & silver colors)...this pic of Anze Kopitar will seriously make you wonder and say "WHAT IF..." and/or "WHY DIDN'T THEY DO THAT WHEN THEY 1ST MOVED TO STAPLES Center?!?!"
  3. I may be a Los Angeles Kings fan, but I also agree with the potential alternate black uniforms...I've been hoping you guys would have uniforms like that in the past since coming to flair country in 1997. To tell you the truth, I actually hate the piping around the shoulders on the current jerseys Meanwhile, I saw a idea for our potential 3rd jersey...and I hope they don't bring back the shield from our early STAPLES Center days, that thing was horrible and the new crown looks better anyways. Not to sound biased about my team but I think we have one of the best underrated logos in the NHL today lol oh yeah, what's the deal with the Goal Horn out there at your house? is that a Ferry or a Train? either way, it's loud and nice...
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