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  1. Best thing I've read in a while, Good to see that I am ready to be a GM in the NHL cuz I would do the same exact thing. Too bad though that we can't just dump Wallin, Ward, and Brindamour. I am excited about the future, so i will be content with the present because it is necessary in our market. Just wish the fans would still go to games so we could buy bigger free agents.
  2. I heard from a source, Staal to the kings, jack johnson to the phillies, and the philly fanatic to the canes to duke it out with Stormy for mascot supremacy and to bump us to no. 1 on that espn poll of best fan experiences.
  3. Sorry, but if Ruutu handed a stick to the guy next to me, I would be leaving with a stick or a broken nose, that's what I'm talking about. those are hockey fans, its time to bring the hooligans back.
  4. maybe its one of the side effects from those pills you've been taking.
  5. Wow, you guys have just solidified your nerdness, way to go, what is this topic about now? oh yeah the arena, I'll base my judgements on opening night, the preseason is practice for the video guys as well as the players, so Can't get too worked up about little things yet.
  6. it just did, the 60gb pro is 250 and the 120gb elite is 299.
  7. yeah, they did have the external hddvd player, which wasn't bad at all, but it quickly went the way of the buffalo unfortunately. I figure they might make an external bluray player in the future, as long as it is cost effective to make. as for the ps2 games, the first couple versions of the ps3 could play the ps2 games(the 60and 20gb), but the latest few(80 160 and 120gb) cannot. Our Sony Rep told me they were trying to phase out the ps2, which seems like a contradiction since they continue to make games for it. So if you can find one of the older systems, it will play the ps2 games, not sure if you can find a new one anywhere but u could probably find a cheaper used one.
  8. Yes, well since I work at Best buy I will lend my expertise(if you can call it that) and rundown the main differences between the ps3 and the xbox. Fair warning I am a playstation guy. Both systems play games and dvd's(obviously), the PS3 upconverts to 1080, not sure if the xbox does. The Ps3 comes with wireless built into it, the xbox adapter is $100 extra. The current Ps3's will not play old ps2 games however the xbox 360 will play most xbox games. (why you would want to play these games after having newer better games I'm not sure but it seems to be important to people.)The PS3 plays BluRays, the xbox doesn't. Less than 1 percent of PS3's break down, nearly every xbox I've heard of has gotten the red ring of death, which is fine if you like waiting for repairs. Personal opinion time, The future of the PS3 seems to be a lot brighter than that of the xbox, the things that the PS3 can do haven't even been touched yet and with the Bluray disc still in the early stages of it's life, the possibilities are endless for games, and movies. The xbox uses DVD's which are practically fully tapped out on possible expansion. So, in closing buy a PS3, get NHL10 when it comes out, and play me online.
  9. My roommates make fun of me for replay hockey. also, watched the painting for about an hour earlier, very excited about that. I still see the dividers in the glass though, was hoping for seamless glass, oh well.
  10. Is that(Russel Wilson) a volleyball or a basketball? I can't remember. Actually as an FSU fan, I can say I am pulling for state tonite which only usually happens once a year (against UNC) but I guess lightning can strike twice, although I still think State is gonna be bad, everyone else thinks they are really good, go figure. Oh well at least we have some football to pass the time now, Im so tired of baseball it's ridiculous.
  11. They'll be a good 3rd pair, as long the forwards decide that back checking is important, and that is a little suspect.
  12. Mock draft starts in 5 minutes just drafted Babchuk in the 12th round, oh yeah alright first draft results are in, went a little Canes Crazy but in a fantasy world, they would all be valid picks. 1. Jeff Carter (Phi - C) 2. Eric Staal (Car - C) 3. Devin Setoguchi (SJ - RW) 4. Tomas Vokoun (Fla - G) 5. Ray Whitney (Car - LW) 6. Phil Kessel (Bos - RW) 7. Tuomo Ruutu (Car - LW) 8. Brian Campbell (Chi - D) 9. Joe Corvo (Car - D) 10. Joni Pitkanen (Car - D) 11. Jon Quick (LA - G) 12. Anton Babchuk (Car - D) 13. Erik Cole (Car - LW) 14. Matt Cullen (Car - C) 15. Jonathan Cheechoo (SJ - RW) 16. Ty Conklin (StL - G)
  13. a ward is old, he probly has to ice his knees after taking the trash out.
  14. I clicked on the link and got chills, thats sad.
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