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  1. I am lookin as well if not how bout an Aol Chat for Canes or Paltalk ???? NCHarleyHardtail@aol.com Please keep me posted too!!!
  2. Hmmmm No Surprise here !!! He is the weakest link in the chain . Should have happened in the off season is the only thing I can say. Why do you think Boston let the guy go!
  3. Same chemistry is not there however finding the new chemistry is the key . Unfortuatley I beleive lingering on last year has become the season focus and paying attention to what is in the now is not happeneing. Look at the penquins they are basicly looking like last years Canes coming into the playoffs.. Canes need to take the next step. Lastr year was last year. End of story.
  4. WESLEY!! Again another dum trade by Boston!
  5. Well if he were on my team I know I would work this guy cultivate this guy so to speak. He is good and well worth putting in the time to bring out more.
  6. I think I would put last year behind them forget about what they have done and focus in on the NOW. I think there is lot of spill over still from the Cup from last year. I t will be harder this year in the long run. When your on top everyone seems to work harder to knock you off the hill.
  7. it was good fight however was bit iffy how he approached it. Alberts is very inexperianced. But I think Walker made the statement the canes need to get them on track. He needs to bring more of that to the game with him. That Demention to the game would round out the Canes alot better!!!! Just my half a cents worth
  8. the 1st 5 minutes should decide the B's /canes game this evening in Boston. watch the New guy Reich for the Bruins I think he is going to set the stage for this matchup. Also a new aquasition from the Black Hawks is heck of shooter. Murray is out as well as Sturm. check out Brad Stuart I think he would do well on the carolina D. He appears to want out of Boston. He will be a free agent. Boston is more than ready to deal !!
  9. It is pretty cool when I was 18 yrs old I lives in Northern Maine for a bit and we would watch Hockey night in canada was in french. Gave the game that extra authenticity Or how ever ya spells it
  10. Hmmmm now if John could play like Cam Huh
  11. I caught the last 5 mins last night that mask jumped out at me ! It gets your attention big time. I agree great idea!
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