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  1. Lets remember they seemed to rush him back last year after the knee and he went down with another injury because he wasn't game ready. Hopefully he takes his time, rehabs the whole body, and comes back for the new year. I'd rather have him healthy in Feb than broke again in late Dec.
  2. Good point, but they made us pay with two power play points. Thats the difference I was trying to show. It stopped our physical play because they made us pay on the power play.
  3. This toughness thing is starting to get annoying. Detroit's a great team and they have barely dropped the gloves this year. Teams don't take runs at them because they make you pay on the resulting powerplay. Even if we did have a Mike Tyson on skates the other player would just turtle or wrestle him down, unless Lavi turns his back and a line brawl ensues. Just my two cents. I'd love to hear from players if they really tone down their game because a George Laraque is behind the boards.
  4. Not too happy to see Cooter go. He's playing the same minutes as Eaves at half the price, and fills a decent middleweight role. Guess room has to be made for Sutter and Walker, and Helminen has looked good.
  5. That was a sweet four hit combo he put on the Wings in his own end when Gonchar went down. I also love a ll the goon comments.... Isn't that why we fell in love with Brookbank? Great comments from everyone....It's tough with a franchise that has grown up before our eyes. We develop a bond with the players, especially after great success, and look at them as if they were extended family (not a bad thing ). Lets use a little imagination. The Great One #99 is in his prime in 2006 and throws an illegal knee into Staal ending his season. In 2007 we have the opportunity to sign the Great One. Do we say no because he hurt one of our favorite players? I know we don't have a choice in the signing part, but do we as fans not cheer for him, or do we let the players settle problems on the ice and cheer our butt's off for our team. Once again, I'm glad I'm not the GM. Go Canes
  6. I know I opened a can of worms with this topic, and probably touched some raw nerves. My intention wasn't to start a new defenseman thread. An earlier post brought up a great point on the possible scenario of Cole leaving and Orpik arriving. I know the Caniac Nation would have a hard time accepting this. This creates quite the dilemma: Would we not support a player that could help the team because we don't like him? Is the management willing to field the best team possible irregardless of fan opinion? Tough choices. Glad I'm not a GM.
  7. Not one to comment, but have to speak on this one. Fans were disrespectfull ( Osgood sucks chant), but can't confirm that they were Blueland supporters. My hatred towards another teams travelling fans tells me that a bunch of Slugs fans must have made the trip and found the beer stands early. The lack of respect for the SouthEast will continue for a long time in hockey. Oh Well! 2 of the last 3 Cups will suffice. Let them say what they want. I'll continue to enjoy great Hockey with my BBQ and Greens. GO Canes! Great Job Eric!
  8. Very Suprising. Guess I'll be the jerk here and voice my opinion. When I see personal reasons I have to think we will see a press release soon that is not good. It may be truly personal i.e a family issue, or a run in with the police. Damn....don't quite know what to think of this one. Disregard my entire comment after reading the truth. Best of luck to Jason.
  9. Didin't want to cause a stink on this one, just wanted to post my opinion. I believe so strongly in this team that I refuse to accept the under-dog role. I'll accept the under-achieving role, but I'll complain about it at the tail-gate. This team played about one period (not exact on this one) of ice time with the whole roster last year because of injuries. They are a legit force to win the Cup again. Screw the ratings, and screw the wannabe experts, we have a great team that should compete. Other than that I'm just glad this great sport has started playng again. P.S. Cole goes for 50 this year And the comment on Grammar... Come on dude... Didn't think we were being judged
  10. Darn Shame. Guy got some tough love here, and he deserved some of it, but during the second half of last year he played his butt off. Couldn't fight, but was quick to step in and defend his teammates. Moved the puck rapidly and skated hard every shift. In a year that a lot of others gave up he kept playing. May not be the best, but last year speaks volumes about his character. Just another opinion, but would have loved to see him stay. Not sure if he was asking for too much money. Go Canes Some quick stats on Tanabe last season: Ranked second among Hurricanes defensemen in goals (5), tied for second in assists (12) and second in points (17) * Ranked third among Carolina defensemen in plus/minus (+5) * Was plus-4 with five goals and 10 assists in the 42 games after he returned from injury on Dec. 29
  11. I have to comment on this one. Not trying to start an argument. Flying under the radar, or being the under-dog is a great thing for mediocre teams. We are not a mediocre team. The players and coaches we have, have made us a legit conference winner. We are a Stanley Cup Winner. Our team should be thought of as a conference winner every year. If the players can't use this as motivation and need the under-dog thing then we are screwed. It's up to players like Rod and Wesely, and even Stillman to get these kids to realize they are one of the top teams in the East, regardless of last year. Dominate the ice and let the other teams realize that they are playing a Stanley Cup winner. P.S. F--- sports writers.
  12. first person in line request 4000 tickets for your "family" and give them to anyone wearing a current player's jersey... Anyone wearing the "Whale" gets a swift kick.
  13. Parking has never been a problem as I always come up from Fayetteville early. My gripe is the lack of Porta-Potty's. They had them during the playoff's. Sucks having to walk up to main entrance to get relief. Just a simple gripe. Nevr had anything happen to my truck so I should be gratefull.
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