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  1. sorry. =S I have a bad habit of doing that..
  2. SPOILERS** I got it about 2 on Saturday and finished Sunday morning. I loved it. But I hate how she killed Lupin.. and Tonks.. and Fred.. and Hedwig.. and Mad eye..and Dobby.. and George's left ear. But Mrs. Weasley is my new hero. =P Fred and George were hilarious. I felt really weird reading it. Because I was laughing my head off at the "holey" thing and Hermione's "Merlin's pants" but I bawled when Harry was digging Dobby's grave =( And when I finished reading it. I've been telling my friend for more than a year that Snape had something going on with Dumbledore about his death. She didn't believe me. =P It's kinda sad to think there's no more HP books though. =(
  3. Ali's getting VERY mad. I'm going through major hockey withdrawal and this isn't helping..
  4. Yay! More hockey for mee! =D I used to love the Polar Twins... they gave me my hockey during the lockout. I hope this team stays a bit longer...
  5. UGH! It's gonna be shown at 11. NOT COOL!
  6. Thank you, gocanes88 for running this. =) Twas' very fun =D
  7. I share a birthday with Eric Lindros and Mario Andretti. =) feb. 28th
  8. ottawa over buffalo in 7 ducks over wings in 6
  9. I wish I had half the artistic talent as some of you guys have. GREAT job.
  10. Am I hearing things or did they just say something about sidney crosby with that goal?
  11. I don't have one favorite player, i kind of had to give up on that because I kept switching it, but I love larose, cole, hutchinson and grahame.
  12. I'm cheering for them because of Cullen and Shanahan.... and because I don't like Buffalo.
  13. NYR over BUF in 7 OTT over NJ in 5 SJ over DET in 6 ANA over VAN in 6
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