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  1. been reading this thread for awhile, without much to say, but it seems there are two different issues here 1) what's best for the league, and 2) what's best for the team. so i ask, which is more important at this moment? if it's the team, then they should go where it would be most advantageous right now. if it's the league, then the discussion should be how to improve viewership and intrest throughout north america. i don't think that simply having a team in k.c. or hamilton will do that. if the well-being of the nhl is dependent on this one move, then it's probably already too late.
  2. it's not that big of a deal, they were probably riding in a limo, too. also, i think it was great to have jr dismiss it as well.
  3. i think bacashihua. toivonen has talent, but somehow seems to lack the confidence to win. i don't think it really matters anyway, bishop will be available soon. has anyone else seen him play? he's 6' 5", and can stand on his head.
  4. Except for when the picture would start flickering like a strobe light towards the end of the game. and lets not forget about that whole "rail-cam" debacle. is'nt there any way we can get a u.s. version of the nhl network?
  5. i'm sitting here, reading how everyone seems to think that our -d- is so bad. but, all i can think of is that we had exactly 0 games last year, were we had a completely healthy team. not making excuses, just making a point.
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