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  1. Pens or Flames, That is my top 2 I think.....
  2. lol I have had dreams about the games all week. Isn't it interesting how involved we get in our heads about this stuff that we have NO CONTROL OVER whatsoever? Isn't it weird that we want them to win and go into the playoffs even though them doing so would really cost us hundreds of dollars in tickets and merchandise? It is so weird really.... but yeah I am a sucker.....
  3. Agreed, The hurricanes have no business being in the playoffs, the panthers practically handed us the game last night and we still managed to lose. The caps are the better hockey team, they proved that twice in the last couple weeks. They play better hockey and we choke anytime the big game is on the line, We choked vs. the Lightning when we had a chance to close it, we choked twice versus the caps when we could have closed it, and we choked last night when all the other teams won thier clinchers. IF we get in, we will likely choke out the first round. We had a good stretch there, but like the beginning of the year, that stretch is over.
  4. I think they will give it the same half hearted effort they did tonight, if the caps choke too, we're in, but I don't think that will happen. Again, if the Caps win, go all the way.
  5. The fans hate us, the players want to win. IF any team was going to throw it, it would have been TB for the draft pick, and I don't think they threw anything, they tried, they just suck.
  6. Exactly, Lavi is to blame, he always switches lines at stupid times and didn't put Grahame in quick enough tonight.
  7. I don't think they threw that game, they lost it. They lost their playoff hopes in that one, biffed it just like we did tonight. I think they may look for revenge, but if the caps outplay them, it wont matter.
  8. I do not think they will throw it, I think they will give it the same effort they gave tonight, but if the same Caps team shows up as the last games, we are done.
  9. I think they barely showed up for us, but we let in goals we shouldn't have, and nothing was done to stop the bleeding. Look at the SOG, Look at the penalties, We dominated them, but 1 of every 3 they shot went in. Caps win it tommorow, we get refunded the playoff tix money, and that is that. That's what I think.
  10. That is why he should have been pulled after 3 in a game like this, I think it was 3 Goals Allowed on 10 shots? Cmon! A game of this importance? From what I have seen JG does a good job in playing clean up, but he can't wipe goals off the board no-one can.
  11. But does one person but me at least agree that Lavi does not pull Cam quick enough? I remember at least one game this year where Cam let in 5 goals in the first (I think it was the first) before he put in Grahme. Grahme is a show stopper as a sub, he usually stops the bleeding. I expect Cam to screw up every now and again, all goalies do, but the key is to get him out before it gets unmanageable. WHY WAS HE IN NET IN THE THIRD?
  12. I don't think you'll see JG back again next year. I think we will have Cam and Leighton. The sad thing for me is that this was my last game with you all. I am getting out of the military and moving up to Portland OR to work in IT. I would have loved to see at least one playoff game, but lets be real, the Caps deserve it more if they win tommorow, and I don't think even if we got in, we would see another stanley cup this year. I had some great times watching the canes play the last 2 years, and I will be rooting for them still, but from Portland on the Center Ice Package. For the Caps fans reading this, if you win tomorrow, go all the way...
  13. Oh yeah, and some of the fancy stuff the canes seemed to be trying was not working for them, we were trying to fake and deke and they were reading us like a book. The other thing was WHERE WAS THE HITTING??? I felt like I was watching a non-checking rec hockey game, not NHL.But still, they had a good effort. I blame Lavi for not putting Grahame in, also for not playing Brookbank to start a fight to spark us, etc. ppl blaming Cam and calling for him to be traded are wrong, blame Lavi for not knowing when to sub him.
  14. No, He's fine, he just picked a bad game to have a bad game on, but in reality all goalies have them even Broduer. The question in my mind is WHY did Laviolette not go to Grahame after the third went in? By that time it was evident that he was having a bad game by just looking at the shot difference.... I know theres the thing about making him stick it out and building confidence... but now he is going to go into the off season thinking that after all this he is the reason they did not make the playoffs... Laviolette NEVER pulls Cam fast enough to make a difference, the irony is that Grahame plays really good games when he gets swapped in, just not when he starts. Usually there is 5 goals + on the board before JG gets put in, handing him a game that is unwinnable. I agree with starting Cam tonight, I think Cam is a great goalie and will serve us well. There is no need to replace him, but we have a backup goalie, and if the starter only saves 7 out of 10, then you stick him in while he can win the game still. I ALMOST left at the start of the 3rd when Cam was still in goal. On a side note, the free hat was pretty nice.
  15. I like the RBC center right where it is really, pretty convenient from most of the residential areas in Raleigh and for me off 440, plus it is nice and not old at all.. But yeah the Jumbotron could go, Anyone see Tampas new one? It is nice.
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