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  1. JR was recently asked about this and he did admit that ticket sales were just a "little down" from last year but they were not concerned. He also said they have signed contracts for more corporate sponsorship for next season. He added this would be the Canes best corporate season since they have been here. This is GREAT NEWS!
  2. Of course everyone has their opinion of him. I personally don't like him and don't care to watch him play. He reminds me of some of the "ball hogs" that I used to play with (long time ago) back in high school. The guy is all about himself and he could care less about his teammates. He is one GREAT hockey player...no argument in that. I myself will never watch him unless he is playing the Canes. Notice I keep saying "he" and not the team. The Caps have built a "one man team". I don't fault Ovechkin for it, it's the Crapitals management that is at fault. You can not win the cup with one player and as soon as the Crapitals coach, GM, and owner realize this, they will keep missing the playoffs! Look at Pittsburg and Crosby...great player but he plays beside and with a lot of other great players like Malkin, Hossa, Roberts, Gonchar, and Sykora just to name a few. This makes up a TEAM! Same with the Canes and Staal. Don
  3. Sounds like a load of horse sharte to me.....and I will admit that Ovechkin has had a great year and has being playing awesome.........everyone knows the Crapitals is a one man team....without him you would be.....hum...below Tampa in rank!
  4. I don't know about you guys but today, ever time I had a thought about this game tonight, my stomach turned. I know our boys have it in them because we have all seen it in the past 4 weeks. I just can't stop thinking about that awful game we just had against Tampa. I just want to say good luck to our guys. I have a volley ball game this evening so I
  5. I thought the same thing when I saw it. Look at her jaw line....has to be or was a man at one point in time!
  6. Thanks for the article. Nice read. I too am very pleased with Conboy. He brings some great energy to the ice. This article was in Raleigh's paper on Saturday. http://www.newsobserver.com/796/story/975449.html
  7. I just want to say that I love this guy already! What a physical player. This is what we have needed all year. Great trade JR. And the fact that he is smiling with half of his face torn off; you have got to LOVE IT!!!!! I can
  8. We all are happy that Zednik recovered from his injury and is doing well. With that being said, Can you count how many times he says "you know" in this interview? http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/video/...egoryId=2378529
  9. I voted for ya....close race now...Canes game still down 39% to 42%.....it's close!
  10. cupkrazy

    The Call

    Dude.....this is hysterical!
  11. Like what was said on 99.9 "The Fan" last night, this is Staal's team now. The guys in the locker room know it as well as all the fans. ESPN even reported it this AM. It does not really matter who wears the "C".
  12. Your presences will be sorely missed by the rest of the players and the fans. Praying for a speedy and full recovery Rod. Thanks for all the hard work this year.
  13. I'm starting to feel the same way. All you hear now about the sport is steroid use. I guess they all are (or were) a bunch of drug users. Sounds like that was the norm in baseball. Any time someone is about to break a record.... STEROID USE pops up. Now the question about Clemons has driven that nail through the heart for me.
  14. I just wanted to add my 02. about the Mitchell Report. I didn't know much about the report or what was going on other than 3 players were named in using HGH for a period of years. I knew Roger Clemens was one of the 3 that was named. Atomically, once I heard the name, I shrugged it off once I heard Clemens denied the allegations. Clemens was one of my idols when I was a kid when he played for the Bo-Sox. If Clemens said he didn't do it, well, I believed it. I watched 2 1/2 hours of the hearing today before congress. I have to say after watching that, I have to believe Brian McNamee is telling the truth about Clemens using the drugs. McNamee named 3 players that he injected with HGH and other drugs. The other 2 names McNamee named have come forward and admitted that they did use HGH, one being Andy Pettitte. Pettitte said under oath that Clemens had told him that he did in fact use HGH. I hate this whole thing but it is what it is. I would have more respect for Clemens if he would just come out and admit that he did it. Not only did he cheat, he is a liar. I have more respect for Pettitte for just telling the truth. Okay, he used it in the past...we will move on! Both Clemens and McNamee have been caught in lie after lie and at first you don't know who to believe. Then I thought about it, McNamee lies were at the beginning of the investigation. Most people do lie about something they did that was wrong when they are first caught. Clemens lies have been in the past 2 months. Another reason; why would McNamee name his long time friend in the Mitchell Report if it was not true. It's not benefiting him. Will baseball move past all of this?
  15. ding...ding...ding...we have a winner! "Tats" fits him well
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