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  1. Ruutu was driving the SUV with Jussi in the backseat taking video, he was smiling and looked to be okay!
  2. They were saying that it's about time Marty got mad about being pushed around because we've been running him the entire series. It is the MSG feed that TSN2 carries. Absolutely biased.
  3. I managed to pick 14 out of the 16 teams tonight...made my choices by uniform colors....
  4. I keep saying that to people when they try to convince me we will definitely make it. I won't get excited about playoffs until I know we are in it for sure. With that said I hope we continue doing all we can for ourselves to make it by winning instead of relying on other teams to lose etc.
  5. One of the newstations said Erik feels like he let down the Oilers and so now they don't want him which would explain him sounding sad. I'm sure once he gets back here it will be alright.
  6. Just to give you a heads up....that day is a college night AND it's the Sabres. I'm gonna take a guess and say there won't be a whole lot of the $9.99 seats left come gameday.
  7. ASG and Winter Classics basically pump money into the economy in whatever city hosts it. If they were to build a facility like that in Toronto it would be giving money every year to a city that is at the top for money making as far as hockey goes. I can see them giving the ASG to Phoenix in '11 if they are still around to try and help them out...why not do the same thing here? We'd still have 3 years to get ready for it....I'll definitely be keeping my fingers crossed.
  8. katy

    Pepsi Cans

    I just went to Harris Teeter and opened like the handle part to see if they were the Canes cans. I have one of each now!
  9. There was a posting on Ebay for tix to see the Maple Leafs play the Carolina Panthers. I emailed the guy who listed them and asked the guy if this was the first time that an NFL team was participating in a game or if the Maple Leafs do this on a regular basis like the Winter Classic. Apparently it was nothing of the sort and it was just them playing the Hurricanes.
  10. http://blogs.newsobserver.com/canes/canes-...erle-on-waivers
  11. Actually I believe they are continuing the party until 1 this year. Trying to make the party a little better with fireworks and such.
  12. Bettman said that the cap will most likely only fluctuate a million or two, and it could very well go down two million and not up two million.
  13. Well, we all wanted a change with this team and we got it. I won't make judgment until I see what Mo and Francis can do with this team.
  14. No arena allows food or drink from the outside, why would the RBC lose money by allowing it? I'm quite happy they don't let people bring alcohol and such in, I can't imagine how rowdy the place would get if people could bring coolers in like this is a NASCAR race.
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