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  1. Okay,  okay fair enough....my whole purpose of posting here was to praise the courage, grit, heart and b***s of an opposition player.

    When I said Time Gleason was on my "Bad list"  I meant " a list of Bad people that had done my Caps wrong (I was being tongue in cheek, choosing a Santa-esque list --quite brilliantly "deduced" by hctimo787--which was meant to add a little seasonl fun-- but I realise that this may have been lost in translation.) I was not saying he was a "Bad" player....

    If I have offended anyone here by coming to a rivals board to heap my respect, praise and admiration on one of their players,  I do apologise..

    What can I say...I was just impressed by him....sorry?

    To all the other posters who understood my sentiments, thank you for your warm welcome, and good luck for the rest of the season (apart from games our teams meet of course!)


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