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  1. A little bit of both.

    Yes I do hate Ottawa and seeing them lose would be sweet BUT the facts are the Sens droppped from 1st to 7th. Had the the season lasted one more week they would've missed it.

    No offense but had the Hurricanes not choke in the last couple of weeks the Sens would've been elimanted.

    And I was right.

    The Sens complete yet another choke.

  2. Is it more of a hate thing? When you say they wont go past round one?

    A little bit of both.

    Yes I do hate Ottawa and seeing them lose would be sweet BUT the facts are the Sens droppped from 1st to 7th. Had the the season lasted one more week they would've missed it.

    No offense but had the Hurricanes not choke in the last couple of weeks the Sens would've been elimanted.

  3. I was really surprised they didn't postpone the game. :angry:

    A few years ago, the Red Wing/Predators game was called when one of the Red Wing players had

    a sezure on the bench. The game was continued on a different nite they played.

    At the very least, they should have just cancelled the game and gave both teams 1 point.

    Posted my well wishes out on the Panthers forum (CarolinaCaniac)

    I think they made the right call. After they said that Zednick was in stable condition everyone took a sigh of relief.

    Also Buffalo is known to finish games like these. We finished the Clint Malarchuck game, we finished the Kevin Everett game so as long as Zednick was alright I don't see why they wouldn't finish the game.

  4. I agree, he is only complaining because they are on the outside looking in. Win more games and take care of it yourselves and stopping looking to place the blame elsewhere. Also, complain come April, not in February, it shows that you NO confidence in your team.

    That maybe true but I'm not the one who first noticed this.

    MSG looked at the standings a few days ago and our color commentaor Harry Neal said "it would be a SHAME if the Hurricanes won the division but finished below 9th."

    I'm not the only one who's thinking this. After Neal said that I thought "how what would people think if a division winner finished below 9th place."

  5. I was literally about to write the same thing haha. I'm have no problem with it the way it is even if it means my Sabres are the odd team out. It's just the way it is.

    BMB- We don't need to worry about the Southeast, we need to focus on Boston next...

    Ok. Yes we should focus on Boston next but we can't forget about the Southeast.

    Right now the Eastern Conference is WIDE open. The only teams that I THINK are out of it right now is Toronto & Tampa Bay. (Yes mathmatically they are still in it but those organizations are messes). I don't see them pulling out dramatic comebacks to get back into the hunt.

    We are tied with Washington 1 point ahead of Carolina & Atlanta & 2 ahead of Florida. Granted come March, unless something dramatic happens, THESE ARE THE TEAMS WE WILL BE COMPETING FOR THE FINAL PLAYOFF SPOT

  6. No, I don't like that format. Too open...too easy for teams to miss out on the playoffs. I like the current system, even if it means a team gets its @$$ handed to it in the playoffs just b/c it only made it thru by winning the division. As of right now, I don't think the Sabres are any better of a team that the Hurricanes, regardless of there slim point lead. Interesting topic though.

    Ok. Here's another suggestion.

    The division winner gets an automatic playoff birth but not the #3 seed. A lot of people think that it's too high up. You get the position you finished within the conference. However if you finish below 8th then you automaticly get the 8th seed.

  7. I have mix feelings about this about this. Yes you should be awarded for winning your division but it wouldn't be fair if you won the division but finished below 9th place. Right now IMO the Sabres would be screwed out of a playoff spot.

    I think the NHL should do this.

    Rearrange the league into 2 conferences 2 divisions in each conference. One 8 team division and one 7 team division for each conference.

    Playoffs system would be what was done in the NHL before 1993, and what's used in the AHL now.

    #1 team in division faces #4 team

    #2 team in division faces #3 team

    Winners meet in Division Finals.

    Division champions meet in Conference finals

    Conference champions meet for Stanley Cup Finals.

  8. Well, now your GM's just going to get criticized for yet another case of the Briere/Drury fiascos. You know that given Regier's track record, there's no chance of him coming back to Buffalo. If the Sabres can't re-sign Soupy, do you think that Regier will get fired for letting three UFA's go for nothing when they could've exchanged them for good value?

    I've got to feel for you nice Sabres fans.

    I like Darcy Regier as a GM to tell you the truth. Ever since he got here in 1997 we got to the Eastern Conferenc Finals 4 TIMES (ALMOST 5) in his tenure. Alot of people blame the Sabres downfall on Darcy's business partner Larry Quinn. I think he should be fired first, and we should let Darcy rebuild this team alone (like he did in 2005.)

  9. Man, if you walked into this thread you'd think we were on the Sabres boards.

    Back on topic, Colorado's reported to be VERY interested in Campbell.

    http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=3198269''>http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=3198269' target="_blank">http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=3198269[/post]

    We're not going to trade him. Sorry but you're going to have to wait until July 1st to MAYBE get Soupy. <_<

  10. I just really want management to get SOMEONE, ANYONE, in here.

    I was angry that we lost Briere & Drury, but what made this offseason worse was that we got NOBODY in return. And instead of shopping for somebody this team needed management spent $10 million on Vanek.

    I am starting to admit that the Sabres are not a playoff team this year :(

    I can't wait to see how management responds to this garbage season.

  11. Trade Campbell for as many propects as possible, build for the future IMO, we have a very good goalie coming up, Enroth who was the Sweden goalie in the World Jr's, Nathan Gerbe from BC, and Tim Kennedy from Mich ST. If they don't trade him before the trade deadline they won't get a thing. Campbell is very sought after and the Sabres have the upper hand in the bargininng. I believe Campbell is asking for 6 million :o Sorry for the over analysis lol

    BMB- You can't be serious about trading Vanek? You're gonna trade a 23 yr, old who's 42 games into a 7 year contract because he's not producing like he did a year ago? He's going up against top lines unlike last year, where that was Briere's job. He's dominated every level from when he played in Sioux City and was the reason Minnesota won the national championship in 2004 when he was a Sophmore. The guy had 84 pts in his 2nd season in the league. Trading Vanek would be a huge mistake and make our management look more foolish than it already is.

    Look at our own message boards. There are a lot of Sabres fans that want Vanek traded, it's not just me.

    Looking at how tight the Eastern Confernce is I think the Sabres are a trade or two away from getting back into contention. I'm just looking at some players that are sturggling and seeing who we can get rid of and who we can get back. I'm looking at Vanek, Kalinin & Max because they've been struggling the most. I'm trying to decide who can we trade FOR SOMEONE WHO WILL IMPROVE ON THE WEAKNESSES OF OUR TEAM, SUCH AS A STRONG GRITTY DEFENSEMEN OR FOR SOME VETERAN LEADERSHIP!!!!!

  12. Brian Campbell is just the type of Dman the Canes need but his price will be high.


    BUFFALO NEWS: Bucky Gleason suggests the Sabres should trade defenceman Brian Campbell before the deadline if the club has no intention of re-signing the impending UFA blueliner. Gleason also suggests "turnover machine Maxim Afinogenov" should also be thrown into the equation as he might land a high pick or prospect, as well as Dimitri Kalinin. He lists Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas and Vancouver as potential trade partners.

    Spector's Note: Campbell's played well for the Sabres and either trading him or letting him walk tells Sabres fans that the front office isn't serious about retaining their best players and building a winner, which will hurt them at the gate over the long run. It's sad to see this two-time Conference finalist falling apart so quickly.



    THE BUFFALO NEWS: reports today Sabres defenceman Brian Campbell has decided he is finished negotiating with the team until the end of the season.

    Spector's Note: Hat tip to Paul Kukla. Bad move by the Sabres in my humble opinion. It's believed they could've re-signed Campbell to a five-year, $5 million per season contract. Campbell's value will only rise between now and July 1st, and I suspect he'll test the market to gauge his value. Looks like another potential UFA could be shufflin' out of Buffalo.

    Couple of points.

    1. The Campbell situation is looking awfully familuar here in Buffalo. :rolleyes:

    2. This talks about trading Afinogenov & Kalinin. Yeah Buffalo wants these 2 gone. Afinogenov is a fast skater but he can't control the puck if his life depended on it. And Kalinin has shown signs of brilliance but he has too many assists on our own goal (too many turnovers). Another player we want to trade is Vanek. Our $10 million boy has been a HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT!!!! He was great last year but he is stuggling this year.

    3. I think a trade with you guys could be great. You need a defensemen like Campbell. We need to add size to our defense. Maybe we can trade you CAMPBELL FOR COMMODORE????

    (But knowing our management we'll probally give you Soupy for a bag of pucks) <_<

  13. Ok. Now I know all of you are happy that Buffalo lost. :rolleyes:

    BUT ON A SERIOUS NOTE. Did you enjoy the Winter Classic. When I was watching the game and saw those long delays to clean the ice and I thought to myself "here's the part where the viewers switch to College Football." Plus there were only 2 goals scored in regulation.

    Did you stay for the entire game or did you fall asleep/switch to something else.

    I enjoyed the game itself, (except for Buffalo losing. Oh well we lost in a shootout and get 1 point :P ). BUT the problem was the delays were too long. It took them very long to clean hte Ice and like I said. This is where people leave this game and go to College Football.

    How would you rate the entertainment value of this game?

  14. Penguins just defeated Sabres 2-0.

    I hope we don't see that same performance in the Ice Bowl. And I'm not just saying that as a Sabres fan who's hoping my team gets a win but that game was boring. We have two teams that are supposed to be fast, high scoring teams and only one goal was scored that entire game, (the 2nd goal was an empty netter).

    Hopefully both offenses wake up or it's going to be a disaster. :(

  15. Here's a couple of thoughts

    1. On paper the Red Wings and Senators are the top 2 teams but remember the best teams in the regular season don't always win the Stanley Cup.

    2. After a horrible start the Sabres are back in the playoff race, and back to where I expected them to be this year. I think when it comes to making the playoffs the Sabres are all set, but if we're going to go as deep in the playoffs as we did the last 2 years we need our management to make some trades. Thomas Vanek, the player we spent $10 million on in the offseason has been a huge bust. However the player we are most likely to trade is Maxim Afinogenov (if our management gets there heads out of there butts and MAKE TRADES)

    3. I think the Western Conference is superior to the Eastern Conference. The Sabres have struggled agaisnt Western teams (Blue Jackets, Blues, Kings, Ducks). They seem to play more physically. I have to admit even if Buffalo did beat Ottawa last year Anaheim would've crushed us in the finals. If the Sabres, or any other Eastern Team, is going to win the cup this year they need to add size and grit to there teams.

  16. I'd take the Lightning out of there and put the Leafs there. Lightning don't have a dependable goalie. If Kari Lehtonen can perform up to his potential, I don't see the Canes making the playoffs, the Thrashers will. I am really excited to see Cam Ward this year though, he lost a bunch of weight and he's eating better now, should mean some more wins this year hopefully. The Flyers have improved, but still not 100% sure they will make the playoffs.

    I completley forgot about Tampa Bay's goaltending. :rolleyes:

    But the Canes have made a lot of improvements during the offseason. I can see you guys compete with Atlanta for souteast division. If you don't win that you'll probally be competing with the Islanders and Maple Leafs for the final playoff spot. The Souteast Division is weak.

  17. I'm all for this move.

    It will bring back rivalries such *edit* Toronto-Detroit.

    Also this current schedule is ridicoulus. 8 times against your division rivals is too many. I love the Sabres-Senators rivalry and believe it is one of the hottest rivalries in hockey right not. But considering that we've been in back to back 5 game series we faced each other 26 TIMES IN THE LAST 2 YEARS. :blink:

    It is getting ridicouls

  18. Folks have complained about how silly it was to put this game on New Year's Day because of the College Bowl games. Don't forget, College Football abandoned New Year's Day as it's big bowl game day -- the BCS championship game has been held after New Year's Day for many years now. In 2008, the BCS Championship Game will be on January 8. So the NHL may be able to start a niche of a new tradition by having an outdoor game on New Years Day.

    My question, though, is what about the weather -- heavy snow in Buffalo is not out of the realm, what do they do? Cancel?

    If the weather is bad then the game will probally be moved to Feburary 17th. The next time the Sabres and Penguins meet.

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