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  1. Couple of points. 1. The Campbell situation is looking awfully familuar here in Buffalo. 2. This talks about trading Afinogenov & Kalinin. Yeah Buffalo wants these 2 gone. Afinogenov is a fast skater but he can't control the puck if his life depended on it. And Kalinin has shown signs of brilliance but he has too many assists on our own goal (too many turnovers). Another player we want to trade is Vanek. Our $10 million boy has been a HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT!!!! He was great last year but he is stuggling this year. 3. I think a trade with you guys could be great. You need a defensemen like Campbell. We need to add size to our defense. Maybe we can trade you CAMPBELL FOR COMMODORE???? (But knowing our management we'll probally give you Soupy for a bag of pucks) <_<
  2. Ok. Now I know all of you are happy that Buffalo lost. BUT ON A SERIOUS NOTE. Did you enjoy the Winter Classic. When I was watching the game and saw those long delays to clean the ice and I thought to myself "here's the part where the viewers switch to College Football." Plus there were only 2 goals scored in regulation. Did you stay for the entire game or did you fall asleep/switch to something else. I enjoyed the game itself, (except for Buffalo losing. Oh well we lost in a shootout and get 1 point ). BUT the problem was the delays were too long. It took them very long to clean hte Ice and like I said. This is where people leave this game and go to College Football. How would you rate the entertainment value of this game?
  3. Penguins just defeated Sabres 2-0. I hope we don't see that same performance in the Ice Bowl. And I'm not just saying that as a Sabres fan who's hoping my team gets a win but that game was boring. We have two teams that are supposed to be fast, high scoring teams and only one goal was scored that entire game, (the 2nd goal was an empty netter). Hopefully both offenses wake up or it's going to be a disaster.
  4. Here's a couple of thoughts 1. On paper the Red Wings and Senators are the top 2 teams but remember the best teams in the regular season don't always win the Stanley Cup. 2. After a horrible start the Sabres are back in the playoff race, and back to where I expected them to be this year. I think when it comes to making the playoffs the Sabres are all set, but if we're going to go as deep in the playoffs as we did the last 2 years we need our management to make some trades. Thomas Vanek, the player we spent $10 million on in the offseason has been a huge bust. However the player we are most likely to trade is Maxim Afinogenov (if our management gets there heads out of there butts and MAKE TRADES) 3. I think the Western Conference is superior to the Eastern Conference. The Sabres have struggled agaisnt Western teams (Blue Jackets, Blues, Kings, Ducks). They seem to play more physically. I have to admit even if Buffalo did beat Ottawa last year Anaheim would've crushed us in the finals. If the Sabres, or any other Eastern Team, is going to win the cup this year they need to add size and grit to there teams.
  5. Sabres are on fire as of late. Prior to Wednesday's loss to the St. Louis Blue the Sabres were winners of 5 straight. Our goaltending has been great, our offense has broken out of there scoring slump. Coach Lindy Ruff has sent Clarke MacArthur back down to Rochester. Not a good move. <_< Should be an interesting game. Prediction Sabres 4, Hurricanes 3 (SO)
  6. Good win guys. Here are my thoughts on the game. Sabres performance was awful except for Pominville line & Miller. Our defense has been horrible all season long. But even last year there was concern with the size and physical grit on defense. Offense has been good except for these last 3 games. Earlier this season it looked like the losses of Briere & Drury didn't hurt our offense. Our offensive starters just need to wake up and then we should be back in the playoff race. We just need some size on defense before we're considered cup contenders again. As far as the Hurricanes go looks like you guys have really bounced back from last year and have turned into a cup contender again.
  7. I completley forgot about Tampa Bay's goaltending. But the Canes have made a lot of improvements during the offseason. I can see you guys compete with Atlanta for souteast division. If you don't win that you'll probally be competing with the Islanders and Maple Leafs for the final playoff spot. The Souteast Division is weak.
  8. I'm all for this move. It will bring back rivalries such *edit* Toronto-Detroit. Also this current schedule is ridicoulus. 8 times against your division rivals is too many. I love the Sabres-Senators rivalry and believe it is one of the hottest rivalries in hockey right not. But considering that we've been in back to back 5 game series we faced each other 26 TIMES IN THE LAST 2 YEARS. It is getting ridicouls
  10. If the weather is bad then the game will probally be moved to Feburary 17th. The next time the Sabres and Penguins meet.
  11. Well it's still January 1st. The NHL will have this game compete with College Football. Oh well just another reason to get Bettman fired.
  12. I know I know. I'm just telling everyone that the Sabres are better then the Maple Leafs and the losses of Briere & Drury probally won't change that.
  13. UMMMMMM Who won the President's Trophy last year? BUFFALO SABRES Who got to the ECF 2 years in a row? BUFFALO SABRES How many times has the Toronto Maple Leafs made the playoffs last year? NONE The Sabres lost 2 of there captains yes and they won't be as good as they were the last 2 years but they have enough depth to be good for years to come. We won't be as bad as the Maple Leafs. Toronto has missed the playoffs 2 years in a row and I don't see what they did to make them any better. The last 2 years the Northeast division was dominated by the Sabres and Senators and I think that's going to continue. Sorry Hoyle I don't think the Habs will go far this season. The Eastern Conference is going to be tough next year and I was unimpressed with Montreal's offseason. Maybe they'll prove me wrong but on paper it doesn't look good.
  14. Doubt it. Ottawa is going to dominate the division. Buffalo despite losing Briere & Drury will still be a great team. Toronto hasn't done much in the offseason to compete with Ottawa & Buffalo. NE division is kinda weak. Atlantic Division is going to be insanley good and will provide most of the playoff teams. Here's how I see the playoff picture 1. Rangers 2. Senators 3. Hurricanes 4. Penguins 5. Devils 6. Sabres 7. Lightning 8. Flyers 9. Islanders 10. Thrashers 11. Maple Leafs 12. Canadiens 13. Bruins 14. Capitals 15. Panthers
  15. This is going to shake things up for the Sabres. Looks like Nathan Paetch will be starting the first couple of games. But yeah. PRAY FOR TEPPO NUMMINEM AND KEVIN EVERETT.
  16. They're going to have the announcement September 17th. The Press Conference is at Ralph Wilson Stadium. http://sabres.nhl.com/ I thought they were going to make it September 10th. They might be making some changes or something.
  17. People like 300section, Colseylarosefan, CMSynergy, Dogbutler, Nashcountycane1 are going to watch because they love hockey. Even if it was inside they'd probally watch it. Like Bag12day said ONLY HARDCORE HOCKEY FANS are going to watch. Buffalo was the obvious choice to host this game. The Universty of Buffalo Bulls is a complete joke and hell would have to freeze over before they reach a bowl game. I know only a few College Football fans up here and most of them are casual fans. Most of the area is obsessed with hockey. Hardcore Pens fans will watch but there won't be a lot of casual fans watching. Especially if the University of Pittburgh Panthers or the Penn State Nittany Lions earns a bowl bid at that time.
  18. Michigan vs. Michigan State 74,544 Edmonton vs. Montreal 57,000 Ralph Wilson Stadium's capacity is 73,967.
  19. Buffalo is probally going to be the only market in the country where Hockey's going to beat College Football in ratings that day so yeah the Sabres are the obvious choice. The revenue created from this game could equal that of an entire playoff round so I'm not concerend about ratings. The rest of the country will be watching there "bowl games". I guess the "Ice Bowl" is ours. This has the potential to break the all time Ice Hockey attendence record. How many times do you see games played outside? Many Buffalo fans will take this game as seriously as a Stanley Cup game.
  20. Outback Bowl 11:00 Cotton Bowl 11:30 Gator Bowl 1:00 Capital One Bowl: 1:00 Rose Bowl 4:30 Ice Bowl 1:00 So it'll be on the 2nd half ot the Outback and Cotton Bowls. It will compete head on with the Gator and Capital One Bowls. Fortunetly the Rose Bowl, the biggest bowl of the night, starts at 4:30 and the Ice Bowl would be done by then. Question. Did they call it the "Ice Bowl" because they planned it during the BCS or was that just a couincidence?
  21. Northeast: Ottawa and Buffalo will still dominiate. The Senators still have the power house they've had for the past decate. The Sabres despite losing Briere and Drury will still be good. We became a power house because of our depth. Plus we have one of the league's best coach and a great goaltender. A great goaltender can turn a mediocre team into a cup contender (example: 1999 Sabres). The Habs, Leafs and Bruins haven't done much over the offseason and I doubt they'll be in the playoffs. The Atlantic Divsion will be by far the toughest division in hockey. But I'm going to have to say the best in this division is the Rangers. They were one of the best teams in the playoffs last year by sweeping the Thrashers and giving the Sabres a run for there money. Then they picked up Drury and Gomez. (I now call the Rangers the wanabee Yankees). The Penguins will be the 2nd best. They have a lot of talent on this team (Crosby Sydor and Sykora). They will be another tough one. The Devils will be 3rd. They lost a lot of good players during the offseason (Gomez and Rafalski). But this team is a cup contender as long as they have Brodure. The Flyers have made some improvements but I wouldn't consider them a Cup Contender yet. Briere is good but I doubt he'll lead the Flyers very far. The Flyers will finish 8th at best. The Islanders have a good team but looking at how hard the Atlantic is and the fact that they lost Ryan Smyth they I doubt they'll make the playoffs. The Atlantic Division I think will go to the Hurricanes. You have made a lot of improvements over the offseason and should be a good team next year. The Lightning will give a run for your money. The Thrashers are falling apart at the seems. They might squeek into the playoffs but I doubt they'll make it very far. The Capitals and Panthers are still a joke. 1. Rangers 2. Senators 3. Hurricanes 4. Penguins 5. Lightning 6. Sabres 7. Devils 8. Flyers 9. Thrashers 10. Islanders 11. Canadiens 12. Maple Leafs 13. Bruins 14. Capitals 15. Panthers I don't know much about the Western Conference and what transactions were made there so I won't give a prediction. Stanley Cup Prediction: Pittsburgh Penguins
  22. Unlike the other major professional sports leagues the NHL was originally supposed to be for smaller markets. Before the Southern Expansion we had teams in markets like Hartford, Quebec City, & Winnipeg (all small market teams). Then when Bettman started the Southern Expansion operating costs and salaries grew rapidly. Then these teams started to move to larger markets like Carolina, Colorado and Phoenix. Gary Bettman is trying to turn the NHL into a bigger league like the NFL, MLB & NBA. And a lot of fans (especially Buffalo fans) don't like it. It is hard for smaller markets to survive in the NFL, MLB & NBA and now Bettman's making it hard for small market NHL teams to survive. We are already in danger of losing the Bills because of the proposed labor and revenue-sharing deals (despite the fact that the Bills have one of the highest attendences in the league We have sold out every single game this season despite the fact we haven't made the playoffs in the past decade). And if the Bettman's vision of the NHL comes true and the NHL becomes as big as the NFL, MLB & NBA then we could be in danger of losing the Sabres. (This might explain why many Buffalo fans hate Carolina) No offense to Canes fans but I would like to see more hockey teams in traditional markets like Hartford, Quebec, Winnipeg and Hamilton.
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