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  1. I apologize for my own sarcasm earlier. Let's try to keep this thread informative and presentable so it doesn't get locked. 22 million is the population of the entire state of New York no? No, it is the population of the greater New York CITY area. I have no doubt a team in Hamilton will be more successful than one in Kansas City. That success will come at the expense of the Buffalo Sabres. The NHL cannot damage an existing team, with a 37 year history, for the benefit of a possible new franchise, no matter how much the people of Hamilton may want it. It is predatory and negates the reason for having a league at all. How would it hurt the Sabres? Only 12% of the Sabres fan base is from Southern Ontario. The Sabres even said themselves that they won't mind a team in Hamilton. http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=2904747''>http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=2904747' target="_blank">http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=2904747[/post]
  2. Yes, I know. And everyone who doesn't live in Hamilton realizes this is a bad move. I disagree. The NHL has the Islanders, Rangers and Devils. 3 TEAMS WITHIN AN HOUR DRIVE WITH EACH OTHER. And then the Flyers are a short drive drive from there. That's what makes GREAT RIVALRIES BETWEEN THOSE 4 TEAMS. If a team locates to Hamilton they will have huge rivalries with the Sabres and the Maple Leafs. It will help fans of both the Sabres and the Leafs get attend hockey games because there season tickets sell out fast.
  3. I started that topic too. That is actually a response to this topic. http://forums.carolinahurricanes.com/index...?showtopic=8734
  4. I can appreciate your over confidence BUT the Sabres are going to get pummeled this year. All those teams from the past two years are going to want pay back and without your two star players, watch out. Sure you still have your star goalie. I honestly don't see you having a successful year. Good luck though. Here's the way I see it. The Ottawa Senators lost a lot of stars in the 2006 offseason (Hasek, Varada, Chara) and they still made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. Had we lost to any other team besides Ottawa my optimisim would've went way down. Just because we lost 2 of our best players doesn't mean our team will get weaker. Ottawa struggled early last year but then they went all the way to the cup finals. The Sabres have a former Jack Adams winner as there coach. I'm hoping the Sabres can catch the same lightning the Senators did and become the 2008 Stanley Cup Champions.
  5. Let's break it down. Sabres + Hot Goaltender Young, fast, high scoring team Sabres - Lack of physical grit Loss of Veteran leadership The Sabres will still be a good team. Maybe not as good as the last 2 years but we'll be in the playoffs. I'm guessing 5th or 6th in the Conferenece.
  6. Sorry but what markets other then Buffalo, Pittsburgh and all Canadien markets would Hockey have higher ratings then College Football? The one in my living room? The point is if you want high ratings for this game then January 1st might not be such a good idea. If you don't care about the ratings and want to see a good hockey game then this date will be no problem.
  7. Sorry but what markets other then Buffalo, Pittsburgh and all Canadien markets would Hockey have higher ratings then College Football?
  8. I think Feburary would be a good choice. The Super Bowl comes in early February. They can do it the Sunday after the Super Bowl. but here's another suggestion. How about doing it in November or December when the Bills are on the road?
  9. I heard that it was going to be Boston U. vs. Boston College.
  10. But unfortunately he does. bmb2jn, Buffalo does have great attendance but the strongest? What about Toronto? And I'm pretty sure that its Pittsburgh and Detroit that carry the ratings for NBC. I didn't say Buffalo had THE STRONGEST attendence but we have a strong attendence. Also in a game between Buffalo and Pittsburgh we'll be drawing fans from all over. Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Hamilton. Who wouldn't want to be a part of hockey history? Quince820. I agree that I'd rather face the Leafs then the Pens.
  11. I think Sabres vs. Penguins would at Ralph Wilson Stadium is a great idea. 1. Buffalo has one the strongest attendence in the NHL 2. Buffalo carries ratings for NBC 3. We'll not only be getting Buffalo fans, but we'll be getting Pittsburgh fans, Toronto fans, Hamilton fans 4. The NHL showcases it's brightest young stars. SIDNEY CROSBY. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS GO SABRES!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hopefully I'll be there too. But tickets will sell FAST.
  13. The same thing was said on the Sabres board and another Sabres fan response was "Are you somking crack?" Without the two capt, the Sabres have nothing. You take Brindy and Staal away from the Canes, you think we could honstley win more than 20 games? I don't. Yea, we have some other goog players but Brindy and Staal are the core of this team just like Drury and Briere were to the Sabres. Well you had Brindy & Staal last year and you didn't even make the playoffs. One of the reasons you went from Stanley Cup Champs to not even making the playoffs is because you were destroyed by free agency. You lost Matt Cullen, Martin Gerber, Mark Recchi, Aaron Ward and Doug Weight. The loss of Briere and Drury will hurt my team but we still have the core of my team intact. The Sabres won't be as good as they were the last 2 years but they'll still be pretty good. I'm guessing 6th in the conference. GO SABRES!!
  14. I just heard that we just matched the offer. He's still a Sabre
  15. I disagree!! for the last 2 years we have gone to the ECF without "superstar" names on the team. Maybe a couple of "reconizable" names but no Hull's, Yzerman's, Brind' Amore's. Buffalo is a team that can do "more with less" than anyone else in the league. We came within 10 min of the SCF with the Canes in 06' as the Saberks. I for one think they will make a run again this year and will do well. I would love to see them win the cup after losing both Dru and Danny. This would show that "team" is more important than money!!!! John Buffalo has never had any real "superstars". We usually win on our own developed talent. Both the Bills & Sabres Such as Jim Kelly Thurman Thomas Andre Reed Bruce Smith Alexander Mogilny Dominik Hasek We're a small market and can't get "superstars" like Ovechkin, Crosby or the guys you just mentioned. A lot of people consider the Sabres to be the "farm team" of the NHL. But we have a lot of talent. Drew Stafford, Thomas Vanek, Jason Pominville, Jochen Hecth, Dereck Roy, Ryan Miller. Who knows maybe Buffalo Sabres will be like the Ottawa Senators. They lost Zdeno Chara, Dominik Hasek, and Vaclav Varada. AND THEY STILL MADE IT TO THE STANLEY CUP FINALS. GO SABRES!!!!
  16. PATHEITIC The new NHL designed a Salary Cap to help small market teams compete with large market teams. Now the largest market in the Country grabs 2 of the top free agents on the first day. CAN YOU SAY LOCKOUT
  17. Ok. Never mind. Stafford is really good and will keep the Sabres an elite club for years to come. But Vanek is our franchise player
  18. I agree with Vanek being the franchise player. But you could also argue that Drew Stafford as a franchise player. I really wish that the Sarbes put him in during the Ottawa series. Even if we lose Briere & Drury we're still going to have Vanek, Stafford, Ryan Miller, Jason Pominville SORRY CANES FANS WE WILL NOT SUCK NEXT YEAR
  19. Ok. I've been upset with Regier this offseason but I guess we got to remember what he did accomplish. We got to 4 Eastern Conference Championships since he became GM. (almost 5. In 2001 we were less then a miniute away from putting away Pittsburgh)
  20. You guys filled your arena, sold tons of merchandise and had three rounds of playoff revenue. The salary cap was raised enough to sign both these captains. Is it possible that Drury and Briere are voluntarily ready to move on to another team and city. Or maybe the Sabres are looking to take their team in a different direction since what they were doing didn't get them the championship, twice? Just a thought.... I kinda see your point. Well a lot of people are saying that we lost this year because of a lack of size and physical grit. Especially on defense. I so badly wish that instead of Briere and Drury we could get rid of Kalinin and Spacek to bring in some big strong defensemen with grit. But Briere and Drury were very important to the sucess of this franchise. If we could keep them they would help us win the cup.
  21. Darcy Regier is a joke. :angry: LaFontaine, Peca, Hasek, and now Briere and Drury. I'm sick of this. Darcy doesn't spend to the cap because "he wants to turn a profit." Well Darcy if you want to make money you need high attendence. If you want high attendence your team needs to be GOOD. The Sabres will be contender for the next 2-3 years. Why not spend the extra money? If Buffalo's ever going to win a championship we need a GM that will realize that winning the CUpis more important then turning a profit. (I know turning a profit is important but knowing how crazy Buffalo is about hockey right now we should do all right. We just need our team to be good)
  22. Rest in Peace Chris Benoit
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