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  1. Yep, I agree. Don't think Buffalo fans understand that though. History will not remember who won the president's trophy or had the most insane goalie (other than the occasional highlight reel). They only remember who won the Stanley Cup and in '06 it was the Carolina Hurricanes. I understand that. No one remembers 2nd place. But what the Sabres did was the next best thing. The 10 game winning streak is not what we were looking for but it's something to be proud of. The President's Trophy is not what we were looking for but it's something to be proud of. The Eastern Conference Finals is not what we were looking for but it's something to be proud of.
  2. I take it you were the one to post that on the Sabres board. Well to answer your question I am dissapointed and frustrated that I have yet to be in a town that has one a championship. BUT, I am proud of the Sabres. A few years ago we were bankrupt and were horrible. The Bills hasn't made the playoffs in 8 years. But for 2 years in a row the Sabres gave me a hell of a thrill ride. Every night I would look forward to see the Sabres in action. Game 5 of the Sabres/Rangers series would go down as the greatest moment of my life as a sports fan (so far). I realize that the Sabres need improvement. For 2 years in a row we lost to a better team (ok Canes fans I'm done arguing about injuries). I would give up Briere and Drury to add more size and grit to the team. Also the Sabres will continue to be one of the power houses of the NHL. Even if we lose Briere and Drury we'll still have Stafford, Miller, Vanek. There will be more thrill rides. AND I GUARNTEE THAT THE SABRES WILL WIN THE CUP IN THE NEXT DECADE GO SABRES!!!!
  3. I don't want to haggle over a few words but I'd like to clear up some misconceptions of revisionist historians. Last years "Lucky" Hurricanes led the NHL regular season in total points longer then any other single team. Yes they ended up 3rd in the Presidents cup race, but last years "Lucky" team hovered at the top of the NHL the entire year. In fact it can easily be argued the only thing that kept the Canes from winning the 06 Presidents cup was the loss of one of the best power forwards in the 2006 season to a broken neck. Now perhaps the 1-3 record the Sabres carried into last years playoffs VS the Canes (Regular Season) which added to the 3-4 record in the playoffs to give the Sabres a 4 Wins 7 Losses showing VS the Canes in 2005/6 was what your referencing. The Sabres looked good last year, and had terrible injuries last year, I will give you that. But it's getting a little old, even from well meaning posters to read how the Sabres shoulda, coulda, outta had beat us in 2006. If you remove the last game of the year we were resting people, the Sabres coulda' have went 0-4 VS the Canes in the 05-06 regular season. The outcome of the 06 Stanley Cup was what the REGULAR SEASON showed. Carolina had the best team on ice, when Erik Cole played and for the Marjority of the 05-06 season. Ottawa owned us in last year's regular season. In the first 3 games they beat us by a combined score of 21-5. But we beat them in 5 in the playoffs. So the regular season results means nothing. We were evenley matched last season. Both our teams looked so much alike. The bottom line is in game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals, you were missing 1 player and we were missing 5. And yet we were winning 2-1 by the 2nd intermission. ERIK COLE is good but do you seriously think he is better then, TIM CONNOLLY, DMITRI KALININ, TEPPO NUMMINEM, HENRIK TALLINDER & JAY MCKEE PUT TOGETHER????? I'm sorry for bringing this up. I know this argument is old and you're tired of hearing it, but I am stating my opinion. I still believe Buffalo was the better team last year. Like I said YOU DESERVE THE CUP. If any team won the cup due to injuries or a BS call no fan would say "we don't deserve it guys so we shouldn't celebrate." You won, you celebrated, YOU HAD THE RIGHT TOO.
  4. Another thing. The fans might not be embarrased but the team is. Eric Cole said it himself "we are completley frustrated as a team, embarrased." I guess it's from the athletes point of view that they must always win. Look at Tom Brady. He has won the Super Bowl 3 times in the last 2 years when the Patriots lost to the Broncos and Colts it looked like he was about to cry.
  5. All right I'm sorry for the attack. Anyhow now for my opinion. IF the Sabres win the cup in 2008 and doesn't make the playoffs in 2009 it would not bother me at all. Eventually over time I'd want the cup again but I would die a happy man if we won the Stanley Cup ONCE. Some Sabre fans would be dissapointed but most Sabre fans wouldn't mind just having ONE cup.
  6. Ok. Who's the idiot who posted this on the Sabres message boards? :angry: http://forums.sabres.com/index.php?showtopic=25271 I'm not trolling you moron so why did you have to troll on OUR message boards? ' I'm just curious on how did you feel that the Canes won the Stanley Cup then didn't even make the playoffs. BECAUSE I was thinking to myself "how would I feel if the Sabres won the Stanley Cup but then we get embarrased on our night our banner was raised and then we don't even make the playoffs." I asked this question on the Sens message board too. :angry: :angry: :angry:
  7. 3-2 Sabres in a shootout. Sorry about that but there's some real IRONY going on here. Up here in Buffalo they are re-airing Sabres games and they just showed the game where you got your banner raised. So at the same time you were watching the game you won the Stanley Cup I watched the game where you got your banner raised. I just find it IRONIC that while you guys were "pretending" to watch a game live I was doing the exact same thing on the exact same day. But anyhow CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING THE STANLEY CUP. CAN'T WAIT FOR OCTOBER.
  8. So your saying that last years team had a better shot at winning the cup. The team who had tons of injuries and had a defense of AHL players were better than the team this year, who wasn't injured. So I ask you this: What makes you think that if you had no injuries last year that you would have beaten the Canes? You just said yourself that the team last year had a better shot than the team this year. Ever think that maybe it was those AHL players who got that team to a Game 7? The players who were injured last year, played this year and they couldn't get past a Game 5. Kind of makes you go Hmmmm No no no. We were doing great until the injuries. Last year we beat Ottawa easily then jumped out to a 2-1 lead against you guys. Then we started to lose players to injuries, Tallinder, Kalinin, Nummienm & McKee. Then you won 3 OUT OF THE NEXT 4. This year we barley beat the Rangers and then got crushed by the Senators.
  9. I do get kind of sick of hearing stuff about how the Canes didn't deserve it because of all the Sabre's injuries. Yeah it would've made it tougher to win that series, but the Canes had their second best offense player (Cole) out that whole series. Also the Canes should've had more of a shot to win the series against Buffalo in 6 games due to that no call when Williams was tripped trying to clear the puck out of the zone on the PP. Injuries are part of the game, people need to realize that, I mean what is one of the reasons the Canes missed the playoffs this past year??? Injuries to Stillman and Kaberle, both of whom weren't at 100% the whole season. Like I said. CAROLINA DESERVED THE CUP. I understand that injuries are a part of the game. But what I'm trying to say is last year's Sabres had a better shot at winning the cup then this year's team. One of the differences between last year's team and this year's team was the power play. Last year our PP was 3rd in the NHL. This year it was 17th. We had only 1 power play goal in the Ottawa series and that's a reason we lost. There were a couple of reasons for our weakened PP. -Loss of Power Play coach -Loss of J.P. Dumont -Lack of physicality. Our team is small and couldn't win a lot of battles in the corners. Which is why our Power Play suffered because we would dump the puck into the corner a lot. For me the Sabres of today remind a lot of the Bills of the early 90s. Super Bowl 25 was our best chance of winning a Super Bowl. But you all know what happened at the end, "Scott Norwood, Wide Right". Anyhow I watched a TV report and it said, "why you can't blame Norwood for missing that kick." One of the reason's was our defense. They collapsed at the end which allowed the New York Giants to get the win. And our GM did little to improve our defense. As a result we were destroyed in the next 3 Super Bowls. Likewise, Sabres GM Darcy Regier has to bring in the right players (big physical players) or we're going to continue to choke in the ECF. So Buffalo's inability to win a championship is no curse. The Canes have a great GM and if he makes the right moves then I can see a few more cups coming to Carolina. I hear you guys have a lot of rebuilding to do.
  10. Hey quince. How would you feel if the Sabres won the cup in 2008 but then missed the playoffs in 2009 and our title defense was a disaster?
  11. How bout the Hamilton Steelers since Hamilton is the "Steel City of Canada"
  12. Sounds good Never heard that one before.
  13. I have never had more fun cheering for the Sabres then I had last season. We have had so many memorbal moments. I'm dissapointed that we didn't win the cup and it's more frustrating for me since I have yet to see my team win it. BUT THERE'S ALOT ON MY MIND WHEN I THINK ABOUT THE CURRENT STATE OF THE SABRES. I knew that Ottawa was in the same boat as we were. Last year we were the #4 seed and they were the #1 seed and we beat them in 5, so just because we won the President's Trophy doesn't mean we were the best team in the NHL. Also looking at Anaheim and how BIG AND PHYSICAL they are they would've destroyed us in the Cup Finals (I'm not the only Sabre fan who agrees with this, on the Sabres message boards Sabres fans are saying that Anaheim would've beaten us) Although this year's Sabres accomplished more I TRULEY BELIEVE that last year's Sabres was way better. Again I'm not saying that you guys don't deserve the Stanley Cup but I think Buffalo probally would've won if it wasn't for all those injuries. (sorry guys). After you beat us last season I thought, "oh well if we keep the same team we'll be sure to win the cup next year." And when we went off to our 10-0 start I thought the cup was as good as ours. But I, along with almost every other Buffalo fan, ignored our flaws. And there are 2 major flaws. 1. POWER PLAY: This was atrocious all year. 2. PHYSICALITY: Our team was small and not physical. Both these factors contributed to our loss against Ottawa. Nathan Paecth was really good on the Power Play. Why he wasn't called up during the playoffs is beyond me. I am still optomistic about the Sabres. We are going to be contenders for years to come. Even if we lose Briere and Drury we're going to see young stars like Drew Stafford rise (he's another guy I wanted to see during the Ottawa series, he had like 5 points in the few games he played against them.) Nathan Patch is real good on the Power Play and it could light a spark. If the Sabres want the Stanley Cup they need to add some big physical players. Being a Buffalo sports fan it gets frustrating waiting for next year again and again but if Regeir makes the right moves then it'll only be a matter of time before Lord Stanley comes to Buffalo. GO SABRES
  14. Yeah maybe then the "bad Sabres fans" will shut up, then we'll win the cup. lol Love you too
  15. ONLY?!?!?!?! hahahahahaha. Well the Sabres aint the longest to go without a title.
  16. Ummm the Sabres have only been around 37 years guys. Nice try though.
  17. http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=2904747 The Sabres orginization is mum on a team in Hamilton. Only 12% of our fan base is from Southern Ontario so it won't hurt our fan base. I hope they do move the team to Hamilton. It will start a new rivalry. Plus I can drive there to watch hockey games since it's only less then a hour away.
  18. That would be interesting. 41 miles away from Toronto and 71 miles from Buffalo. Another mob of fans invading our arena.
  19. They could use the Ricoh Coliseum where the Marlies play.
  20. I think the suggestion is that Pittsburgh will move to the Western Conference (Central Division), not to the West Coast. Yeah. Here's why I said this. If the Preds move to Southern Ontario they'll be in the Northeast division because they will be close to Toronto and Buffalo. They would invade the Air Canada Center and HSBC arena every time they face the Leafs & Sabres. Ottawa and Montreal also stay in the northeast. Then the Bruins move to the Atlantic because Boston is on the Atlantic coast and they have a huge rivalry with the New York Rangers. Finally Pittsburgh moves to the Central because they are near Detroit and Columbus.
  21. Ok. If the Predators move to Southern Ontario, how would the NHL look like then?
  22. If they move to Southern Ontario then they're going to have to shuffle divisions. Here's my prediction NORTHEAST Southern Ontario Buffalo Toronto Ottawa Montreal ATLANTIC Boston NY Rangers NY Islanders New Jersey Philadelphia CENTRAL Pittsburgh Detroit Columbus St. Louis Chicago I think they'll move to Kansas City so there will be no reshuffling.
  23. I agree with most of the things this guy says except increasing the size of the net. They increased the size of the net last season and it didn't work. You still see 1-0 and 2-1 games (examples game 5 of the Canucks-Stars series and game 5 of the Sabres-Rangers series). How big do they want the nets? The size of soccer nets?
  24. I'll give Southern California credit. The ratings for the Ducks beat the ratings for the Lakers game. According to KTLA, game 5 got a 10.2 share in LA. Lakers got 7.4 for the first round Yes it was only the first round but its the LAKERS. The Lakers own Cali and LA. And this wasnt even the Kings, it was the DUCKS. I applaud Anaheim for really stepping up when people wrote them off as a novelty city. So I take my previous comment back, looks like hockey's doing ok in So Cal.
  25. Bettman: Sounds like hockey's doing good in California. (crickets chirping) lol
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