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  1. Just to let you know 90% of Canes fans hate Buffalo. 1. Coach Lindy Ruff and his comments towards the team in last year's playoffs. 2. Fans. During last year's ECF a group of fans got drunk and acted like holigans. They trashed cars, tore Hurricane flags, yelled at Canes fans. Then after the Canes won the series, Sabres fans came on message boards like this saying "YOU DON'T DESERVE THE STANLEY CUP, THE ONLY REASON YOU BEAT US IS BECAUSE OUR DEFENSEMEN WERE INJURED" and "HOCKEY DOESN'T BELONG IN THE CAROLINA'S, YOU DIDN'T SELL OUT THE STANLEY CUP FINALS, YOU GUYS ARE BANDWAGGONERS!!!!" However there is fans like me, Dboon, Quince, Melissa & many others who are willing to talk about hockey. GO SABRES
  2. In order 1. Senators 2. Leafs 3. Flyers 4. Islanders
  3. Jaiomir Jagr: "Beating the Sabres is so easy a caveman can do it??????" HA HA @ YOU Sidney Crosby Ray Emery Chris Neil Darcy Tucker Scott Nichol Michael Peca Dmitri Kalinin Jaroslav Spacek
  4. ha ha ha. I'm just happy to see one of our top rivals lose. Sorry I have nothing against Sens fans but just like Canes fans like rooting against Buffalo, I enjoyed rooting against Ottawa.
  5. Congratulations to the Ducks. As a Sabre fan I'm happy to see Brad May and Drew Miller with the Cup OTTAWA CHOKES AGAIN!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow GREAT SEASON!! Can't wait until October.
  6. What rivalry is this one? Bills are a mere blip on the screen to the Pats. A lot of Bills fans are considering the Patriots there new rivals. They have owned us this decade just like the Dolphins owned us in the 70's. Granted the next time we beat New England, goal posts will come down and the Pats will be our new arch rival. The Dolphins are normally our biggest rivals but people are considering this rivarly to be dead. The Bills-Dolphins game didn't sell out this year.
  7. Can't believe I forgot about that one. (smacks head) Here's how I rank Buffalo's top rivals 6. Carolina: Last year's ECF and the hatred of fans. Next time we meet in the playoffs I'll move you up the list 5. Montreal: There in the same division as us and we meet a few times in the playoffs. 4. Boston: Same as Montreal, but I put them ahead of Montreal because of the "May Day" game and the Bills-Patriots rivalry. 3. Philadelphia: Meet 8 times in the playoffs, including 1975 Stanley Cup finals, lots of brawls, hatred amoungst fans. 2. Toronto: A lot of Sabre fans still consider the Leafs our biggest rival because they invade our arena everytime we face. 1. Ottawa: 4 playoff series, the hit on Chris Neil and the brawl earlier this season, hatred between fans. Closeness of cities. I started this discussion because I'm thinking Ottawa is a more hated rival then Toronto. The reason I say that is because A. We faced Ottawa 4 times in the playoffs and Toronto only once B. Half the NHL hates the Leafs so I don't know how WE rank as the Leafs top rivals. Ottawa although many still consider Toronto there top rival, we are the 2nd most hated rival in Ottawa. I know as far as hatred Canes fans would put us at #1 but we only faced each other in the playoffs once, that's why I don't consider you a top rival YET. I hope we meet in the playoffs next year so we can enhance this rivalry.
  8. Don't worry dboon, we're working on getting a little younger on defense ourselves. You keep him, we'll pass. Now.....Brian Campbell? Hmmm Oh god no! haha But I will give you Jaroslav Spacek for a bag of pucks. You can take Kalinin too. He is just terrible.
  9. Yeah those are mine. The black one is Sparky and the yellow one is Jessie.
  10. I'm going to have to say Ottawa. <_< Even though I'll be rooting for the Ducks.
  11. I'm rooting for Anaheim because I hate the Sens just as much as you guys hate the Sabres. :angry: But I think Ottawa's going to win in 6. GO DUCKS!
  12. Ok. I'll give the Sens credit. They were the better team. They only had 6 regulation losses since December. The Alfredson, Spezza, Heatly line is amazing. Reminds of the French Connection line of the 1970's. Emery DRASTICLY improved. He is the most improved player in the league and helped the Sens win. It amuses me when my fellow Buffalo fans say "THIS WAS OUR YEAR! WE WERE THE BEST TEAM IN THE NHL! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? Just because the Sabres won the President's trophy doesn't mean we were the best team in the NHL. Look at Ottawa last year. They were #1, the Sabres were #4 and the Sabres won in 5 games. Look at Detroit last year. Very few President's Trophy winners has won the Stanley Cup. Ottawa was the better team.
  13. According to the NBC guys, he is the greatest hockey player alive today, along with Brodour who is the greatest goalie that ever put on skates. I'm really glad that we will not have to listen to that crap any more. cheap Briere yea, but you seriously dont think Broduer is the best goalie of all time? Not only is he the best in my eyes, the leagues full of butterfly goalies and hes the only goalie still doing stand up and showing these kids the wall and butterfly goalies that stand up is the best way to play the position. I think Brodure is the best goalie ever however Dominick Hasek could be very arguable. However I've only been watching hockey since the mid-90s so I don't too many goalies who were before them.
  14. I'm really surprised Ruff didn't play Stafford during the playoffs either, especially the Ottawa series. He had like 5 points in 2 games he played against the Sens. Another person I wanted to see Lindy call up was Nathan Paetch. During the regular season he sparked our Power Play and our Power Play was HORRIBLE!!! Why Lindy didn't call Nathan up is beyond me. But the Sabres will still be good for a long time.
  15. Quince have you not learned yet. From day 1 you slug fans were calling yourselves the 2007 Stanley Cup Champions, and look where that got you another loss in the ECF. Gee. How many Hurricane fans are calling themselves the 2008 Stanley Cup Champions? Before this season, how many Caniacs said "OH WE'RE GOING BACK TO BACK BABY"?
  16. OH, OH, OH, I GOT ONE!!! THE SLUG LOGO!!!! It's a curse. Just kidding.
  17. 1st of all....According to Emery, there was NOTHING else to do in that town anyway. 2nd of all....you will never find any worse fans than Buffalo fans...Anywhere! Raleigh's police chief (who retired from NYPD) said it best last year during the playoffs, "you will never find any worse sports fans than those that are from Baffalo, we don't consider them New Yorkers in the big city and they don't represent us New Yorkers". My wife who is from Rochester agrees! Another man who called Buffalo fans the worst fans ever was Dan Marino. He litteraly said that Buffalo fans are the worst.
  18. NO EXCUSES. Ottawa was the better team. . Sabres need a new Power Play coach. But if we can keep the core of our team we'll be fine. BUFFALO SABRES STANLEY CUP IN 2008!!!!!!
  19. My prediction Sabres 3, Senators 2 Sabres in front of there home town should pull off a crucial victory.
  20. The Sens are a joke They now begin there choke The Sabres play with pride As they continue there wild ride
  21. Next game's Saturday. GOOD WIN BY THE SABRES GO SABRES
  22. Thanks I lived near Buffalo my whole life, and a love the people in the city a lot. Yes we have our bad apples and I'm sorry you met them in last year's ECF, but Buffalo is a great city. PS: I've been to the Carolinas too and that place is good too.
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