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  1. I'm here, but limited in my posting abilities by my social media clause.
  2. Thanks colliefan, I'm one of those arenaworkers. I'm seriously missing my hockey income right now. It covers what my financial aid doesn't. I can't work during the day due to my class schedule. At least someone out there is thinking about those of us making minimum wage who are struggling through this right now as well. All we want to do is see our favorite hockey fans and make money to pay some bills
  3. I work as an usher at the arena and I am wondering now how I am going to make ends meet with the lack of hockey revenue. We are already coming off the slow summer season and now I have no hockey income. My other job isn't scheduling me due to my class schedule, at least I have some control of my arena schedule. Unless there are no events to work. I just lost two events for the end of this month. Makes me want to scream.
  4. Yeah Right. They can't pay their bills, and yet, the ones that pay the biggest price are the actually arena staff you see game in and game out that now have to find another way to make up that in-season income that isn't going to be there. Remember, the Checkers will be at the PNC in October. Also the Miami Heat and Charlotte Bobcats are playing a pre-season matchup. Come get your hockey fill while you can. Hopefully with the NHL locked out they will move a couple more games up here and help otu the arena staff up here..
  5. I can't wait to read the penalty summary from this game. Ridiculous and amazing
  6. Is anyone else watching this game. The second period has been nuts. The first period ended with Lucic going after Carey Price, which I didn't really understand. Following too many goals for me to keep count, a line war breaks out... INCLUDING THE GOALIES!!!!! It wasn't much of a goalie fight, but the penalty box shots were hysterical. After it all shook out, the Bruins had 6 in the bin and the Habs had 5. The confusing part for me was that both goalies were allowed to stay on the ice and keep playing. Despite both losing their jerseys AND Thomas skating all the way down to Price's goal. I am a little confused on that one, but intend to watch the third period to see if there is anymore action.
  7. g105, if you order your Brindy Jersey from NHL Shop online, your Brindy jersey will come sans apostrophe. I have a friend who did and received her jersey without the apostrophe. She refuses to wear it for that reason and nhl shop won't fix or accept the return.
  8. When is JR going to tire of Babchuk and his crap... Seriously. I am not for second chances, but at this point, I can't remember is this is his 3rd or 4th chance. For a crappy offensive d-man, he sure is a prima donna. I don't want this guy in a Canes sweater and yet, here he is... AGAIN!!! Cut ties with this Russian POS and leave him in the KHL. Enough of this crap.
  9. Interesting flow chart, unfortunately, it's hilariously accurate. I have a feeling as I stated on my facebook that seeing as how Tim is likely not injured that there will likely be no suspension. But... for once I agree with Tripp. Chickencrap has done this too many times to keep getting away with it and it is a habit. He needs at least a 5-game suspension and if he has injured himself to the point of lost for the season, he learns nothing. Suspend for his first 5 games back, the man is borderline dirty. He plays with passion and heart, I admire that, but he has to control it, not leave his feet for every hit, not boarding people, and the kneeing HAS TO STOP!!! Maybe the nhl should do what the kids checking leagues do. Put a stop sign above the nameplate.
  10. From what I have heard and read, Babchuk was a PITA in the locker room. A bit of a petulant child if you will. He had issues in Chicago and we took a flyer on him. In return, when he was assigned to Lowell, because he was the only player with a two-way contract, he refused to report and then cried all the way home to Mother Russia. He spent a year in Siberia and learned that maybe it wasn't quite so bad over here in Carolina and JR brought him back. I was cheesed that JR brought him back, especially after his petulant child act of taking his hockey stick and running home when he didn't get his way. We take another flyer on Babs last season and while he does a decent job and scores a couple of goals, he also disappears for games on end, sits in the playoffs, because of his play. There is a reason that Babs sat in the press box and Kabs played instead. For being the size he is, Anton doesn't use his body. I haven't seen that man hit anyone. We make him a QO and he refuses and demands a trade. When it doesn't happen his way, he again, takes his hockey stick and flies home to Mother Russia. I will not be happy if we bring him back again. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, if there's a third time. Someone hit JR with a rock. He ain't thinkin' too clearly.
  11. I kinda thought Super Mario looked like my uncle. Even my husband thought so.
  12. I guess I have to resign myself to the fact that Sid, Geno and Orpunk will lift the cup tonight. Must turn the tv off before that happens...I might just throw up. BTW, ya gotta love the Crosby commercial love. Getting tired of it already, Heaven forbid they actually do win the Cup. We'll never hear the end of it.
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