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  1. I think we have an extra staal and we need a wardo! I'll dbl check in the morning in the boys bedroom.
  2. based on what I saw last night - including a puck that was passed and missed by 4 canes ... learn to PASS. Learn to SHOOT, learn to keep the puck out of your goalie's face, and get mad and EVEN - not mad and defeated. They didn't show up for the first 39 minutes or so. Stormy made more effort than the 'canes. Disgusting. Whatever the funk, they had better get out of it or the locker room will look much different after the trading deadline.
  3. <-- has no disrespect whatsoever for flag or country, son knew with correct key and words the ENTIRE song end to end (not just the first verse as most Americans do) before his 3rd birthday. I still cry when I hear it, as a matter of fact; it brings images of the flag-draped coffins and images of Arlington and September 11th to mind. Moving right along, I guess it's time to go back to reading all the whining and whimpering about why we're losing, or inconsistent, or whatever -- at least this thread was a little different, if not annoying to some posters?
  4. congrats!!! I don't know how the pros do it -- but I'm guessing he's gonna get a whole lot more sleep than his wife does tonight at least!
  5. I think based on my username it would be fansy or lily. hahaha... fansy. Rhymes with pansy!
  6. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6678052649999571686 This video answers that question in my house, I think. BTW, thank you to whoever posted the link a few months ago about the sale at hockegiant.com for all the old CCM Jerseys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. thpppft.... OK, so what can WE bring the canes in this thread, then ? they cancelled practice -- I had gingerbread men ready for them!! (honest injun, I really really did!)
  8. <homer> D'Oh! </homer> oh I don't know what's next .. maybe a scorpions song re-worded ? All I DO know is that I called TWC finally and got my little insaniac nhl network -- for next to nothing, I was afraid it was going to be bundled in with center ice, costing a whopping bunch of money I didn't want to spend. Instead, it's only $3 a month! w00t!
  9. you so have hokey pokey elmo. I can hear the little red monster saying that ... Whoopsy, would you help elmo up please ? <stutter> thank, thank you!
  10. On the Eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me: 11 Power play goals 10 Year 'Canes Anniversary 9 game win streak 8 healthy players 7 Canes a'singing 6 dmen checking 5 Stanley cup rings 4 Panther losses 3 goals by Whitney 2 first row tickets and a game at the RBC
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