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  1. Canes 4 --- Kings 2 Time for the Canes to start a winning streak. I'm kind of disappointed that Avery won't be playing for the Kings. I was hoping to see him throw down with either Walker or Adams.
  2. Williams & Whitney have clearly been the best this season, mainly because of their consistency throughout. They have both been able to stay healthy and to stay on the scorer's sheet. While Staal, Cole, Walker, and others get hot for periods of time, you can count on Whitney and Williams. And, of course, Brind'Amour is the glue that holds it all together.
  3. Dryden deserves the recognition. He was a fantastic player and a very intelligent guy. I recommend the book that he wrote, "The Game." It chronicles his career, focusing on his final season in the league and the emotions that surrounded his decision to retire. It's definitely one of the best hockey books out there.
  4. I certainly agree with those of you that feel bad for Eric being tossed around the league. However...it will definitely intensify the rivalry that is growing between the Canes & Thrashers. There will be some added emotion to their upcoming matches. I hope that Eric does well in the future...but I hope that the Trashers choke!!!
  5. Ladd has certainly shown that he has the work ethic to elevate his game to the next level. The Canes definitely need to hold to him because he could end up being a premiere player in the near future.
  6. just glad kaberle is back to help revamp the powerplay. he proved it against montreal.
  7. I just hope that they aren't thinking that Vasicek is the answer. While he may end up being a welcome addition, they're going to need more to make a substantial run.
  8. Unsportsmanlike is such a discretionary call. There really aren't any strict, stringent guidelines to follow. It's all up to the ref.
  9. I agree with those of you calling it an "iffy call." With all that they were letting go in the third period, it was a surprising call in my opinion. There were definitely other penalties that were either overlooked or missed.
  10. I'd rather see Blake in a Canes uniform than Forsberg. Can Forsberg stay healthy through a play-off run? All signs point to no. Blake, on the other hand, has explosive speed and would fit in well with the Canes' forechecking, aggressive style.
  11. I agree with a lot of you that are saying that NO player should be so selfish. Hockey is a team sport, and sometimes you have to take a small step back to help the team. His time in Albany probably would've been very short-term. Does he deserve to be traded? I think so. However, I don't think that it would be wise to let him go for less than he's worth. A young, promising defenseman like Babchuk should draw a pretty good price on the market. While he is a talented player, no one is above the team.
  12. Gotta go with Erik Cole. He's such an intense competitor, always willing to lay it on the line for the team.
  13. I think that they might be playing other d-man in an effort to find out which d-man could be used in an upcoming trade. Seidenberg is better than most of the Canes' d-men, including Tanabe, Babchuk, and Gleason. He has the talent to help the Canes turn the corner.
  14. I hope they aren't thinking that Vasicek is the answer. Could this put an end to a lot of these trade rumors?
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