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  2. do you have one or two tickets left GiGi

    call Chris 919-428-5663 or me 919-601-4200

  3. Whenever Aaron decides to retire, I'd be interested in seeing him on radio or TV or coaching. He's articulate and well educated. I find him an interesting off ice talent as well. I think he was placed on waivers to see if it would rattle him out of his rutt. Apparently JR knew no one would pick him up as poorly as he had been playing. He has played much better since then, which did position him as a possible trade ... I'm just sayin'...
  4. The RBC was built around the pastures of the NCSU Vet School, hence the "barren" surroundings duh. There are several much better resturaunts than he thinks relatively close to the RBC. Crabtree Mall has three excellent new resturaunts and its a 5 minute drive.
  5. How about "PLAY TO WIN" no matter what!? It's what they are paid to do and what the fans want. I, for one, don't spend thousands of dollars on season tickets expecting them to lose.
  6. Hockey is a TEAM sport, therefore, a game should not be won by the efforts of one...imho.
  7. I see nothing depressing or negative or unrelated to sports on your postings. Just my observation...
  8. Wow, lucky you! My ticket book was a bit messed up. the first two pages have what appear to be staple indentions and look like they've been thrown across the room... Regarding contents: I got a parking pass book, ticket book, 2 decals and 2 window stickers. No magazine this year...
  9. I have Premium Parking passes and they have to be posted in the window for the parking patrols to see as they drive through, checking for trespassers/violators. You will be towed if your pass is not visible to them when they come through. One suggestion: if the pass is too small to hang on your mirror is to rig a paperclip around your rear view mirror and hang your pass on it .
  10. FED-EX delivered mine yesterday (Friday). I'm usually the last to get them, I think I am one of the first this season.
  11. I heard on the radio this evening this kind of injury looks like a bullet wound!
  12. I really wish the moderators would remove your political sign from the boards.
  13. Now why did you have to go and ruin the fun by injecting your personal political views on our hockey board? What has government politics got to do with our hockey team? It really dampens the spirit of why we come to the boards... for me anyway.
  14. Seeing it in person makes all the difference, people. I checked them out online after the press conference and the new jerseys do lose some of that "punch" that is there when you see them in person. They are VERY well done!
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