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  1. Florida. More specifically Jacques Martin (Yes I know hes in montreal now) But what he said to the press and what Jokinen said at the end of the 06-07 season just never sat well with me ever. It implanted thoughts of diving in the minds of the panthers fans. Buffalo. Horrible fans, just awful. Pittsburgh. Horrible management and the league looks out for them. Anyone can tank for years and get great draft picks, it takes a great management like Detroit who get low picks and still turn them into gold.
  2. That was the first NFL game I ever went to. Wow lots of fun. Great to see my team win too. Just wondering at any point in the game could you hear the Dolphin fans over the panther fans? The stadium seemed to be at least 1/5 dolphin fans from the start.
  3. I cycle between my canes, phins, and Apps hats. Yesterday I was wearing my hurricanes jacket and hat.
  4. The first game I went to this year by bus we won, lightning game. Every time I've been to a game last season by bus we've lost
  5. and the luck just keeps coming (ESPN messed up he isn't actually injured)
  6. I'm trying to find the quote where a player or coach said that we are hard fans to play for too. It may have been Maurice when he first came back.
  7. I thought about doing something like this. I love this team and I want it to succeed. Though I don't have JR's or Mo's email in my address book so I would have to do something like this to get a point across. I was about to make a thread if anyone thought that booing the team would be more appropriate. Also calling someone who paid for a ticket a non supporter is quite an insult. Sure a team has its up and downs but when a team had expectations of being a playoff contender and spent near the cap then there are reasons to show the team our displeasure.
  8. I know the girl in the video. Thats all I got. I don't remember her being a canes fan. She actually does modeling and sells furniture I think.
  9. "For the 2027 NHL Draft the Carolina Hurricanes select Parker Staal"
  10. Phoenix (Second favorite team) Chicago (Always wanted to see this team) Colorado or Minnesota.
  11. "Hey defense I'm open on the left wing please pass it on to my stick" Ray Whitney its from the ask the canes where they asked them to shout into a megaphone
  12. I watched the last half of the match. I was actually watching it in the library and I had to contain myself a bit when we scored that last goal. Man if only had a defense like the US. They were getting pounded that whole last half.
  13. I hate how the braves are just constantly hovering around .500
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