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  1. I'll be there hopefully. Trying to work out all the details now. Let me know if anyone wants to drive over together or if they want to split a hotel or something. look me up on twitter @hockeypuck30 or e-mail me through my profile on here.
  2. Does anyone know if the players will stop & greet the fans?
  3. [quote name='captain_jack88 wrote: caniac30']I remember a point in last season when we were "going through a slump" and someone got the bright idea for all the Caniacs to sign a big banner to hang in the Canes locker room. I think we should do that again. If that is what will help the team and show the team that we will support them and we have enough faith in them then I say do it. It will serve as a daily reminder to them why they love playing in front of us and why we have the rep as being a great city to play in and great fans to be in front of. I don't remember this banner, but that sounds like a really good idea. Maybe one of our Admins could start a thread asking our members and other Caniacs to write a positive message that will be given to the team? I also want to point out how lucky we are to have a Major-league franchise playing here in the first place. It's the only one in the Triangle and probably will stay that way. This team is still the only Major Championship team in the Carolina's, so we as fans just gotta hold on. captain_jack88: so someone got through to the higher ups. last night I went to the Leafs game and before I went down for the pre-game skate there was a banner near section 110 that people could sign. My friend actually text me before I got in there and said someone listened and there was a banner. I hope all the Caniacs messages to the team are read and really help turn this thing around.I loved your other point. We are so lucky to have them here. I would hate to live in Maryland and have to be a Crapitals fan just to watch hockey. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than right here cheering on my Canes and like I said I want to be doing this for a long time to come. Look at how many people said that hockey wouldn't work down here and you know what...we proved them wrong. We will prove everyone wrong again with what they are saying about our team now. Just hold on good times are ahead for the Canes and the Caniacs!
  4. I agree 100% with you pkling. I told two guys at my work that are so frustrated with this streak on Friday that if I'm the lone Caniac in the stands cheering them on night in and night out if they are loosing then I will be that Caniac. This is our team and you don't turn your back on your team. We've seen the highs and the lows and I want to be there for the highs again. It will happen. I have faith in my team. Yes we took a HUGE hit tonight if something serious has happened to Cam, but look what happened when Roddy went out and was gone for the rest of the season? Staal carried this team on his back and we went high! Someone will take this team and carry them to victories again. Just believe in our Canes, they will get it done.
  5. on nhl.com earlier they were saying they thought the cut was in the groin area. I'm praying it's not serious. At this point I don't know who else to call up Murphy or Peters. My thoughts and prayers are with Cam and the team tonight. You know when their teammate went down they took a hit.
  6. So I have been a STH going on 4 years now. As a Caniac I support my team 100% whether they win or loose. This is OUR TEAM and as Caniacs we should have enough confidence in them even if they don't have enough confidence in themselves. I went to the game last Wednesday against the Blues and I cannot stand to go to a game and hear our fans booing our team, who are we? The Habs or Rangers fans? They already feel bad enough why do we have to drag them down to the next level? We are going to have ups and downs, but the good thing about this being a long season and in particular this being the beginning of the season is that we can turn it around. Last season proved that. I remember a point in last season when we were "going through a slump" and someone got the bright idea for all the Caniacs to sign a big banner to hang in the Canes locker room. I think we should do that again. If that is what will help the team and show the team that we will support them and we have enough faith in them then I say do it. It will serve as a daily reminder to them why they love playing in front of us and why we have the rep as being a great city to play in and great fans to be in front of. There are plenty of positives to take already out of this short season start. Ward has been playing some of the most consistent hockey I have seen since becoming a STH. I heard an interview with The Wizard where he said although it's debatable he believes we have the best goalie in the NHL and I agree. (and not just because I'm a HUGE Wardo fan either) Some other positives is how good was Sutter today on a line with Jussi and Sammy? Bringing him up was a good thing. That whole line was fantastic today. Cullen and LaRose have been another duo that always shows up on the ice, but we know those two will go until they can't go anymore. Joni has been another one, look how much he shows up game in and game out? And okay whether you all want to admit it or not we all love the fighting. Last season we were a team that could be "run all over" or "wasn't big enough." Well this season no one can say that. Todays game was a perfect example of that. I mean heck Aaron Ward took down Hartnell for his cheap shot on Joni. How many times can you say you've seen that happen? Our players are sticking up for each other and that says something to me about this team. We are going to have our ups and our downs, but the one thing that needs to stay consistent is our support and our faith in this team. I for one do not want to see this team go anywhere for years to come. I drive an hour and a half to come see the games. I love being there with all the fellow Caniacs, I love being able to watch the best game in sports, I love be able to say that I'm a fan of a team that plays in the "Loudest House in the NHL." And if nothing I've said has brought a smile to your face or made you remember why we love OUR TEAM then just remember this.... At lease none of our players have been diagnosed with the swine flu.
  7. So I know I'm a dork and replying to my own post, but I was contacted by the band that does the song Stand up and Holler and he wanted me to make sure everyone knew who they were. Someone was already cool enough to mention them - JUNIOR. So please get it off Itunes, then someone else was awesome enough to find the other one I was looking for Mooney Suzuki - Alive and Amplified. Got anymore? This is a great playlist for our team and our Ipods. Thanks again Caniacs! GO CANES!
  8. Hey someone responded to the youtube video saying the song was: Glass Intrepid - Whatever it Takes I'll check it out when I get home and see the video. I couldn't pull it up at work. Hope this helps and thanks to whoever posted the reply on the youtube video.
  9. Cullenguy8 I know what song you are talking about too, but I can't seem to find it either. I'm going to keep checking and see if I can come up with something. I've heard that song several times at the last couple games I've been too. I'll definitely let you know if I find it.
  10. Man the Caniac Nation is awesome! All of those are some great songs and I'm definitely adding them to my playlist. Ok so I have been to the last couple games and I need some help. Now these songs might have already been listed so I apologize, but here are some lyrics from some of the ones I heard last night and the New Years game. Mayby you can help me out. Lyrics~ 2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits a dollar, stand up and holler Lyrics~ it's either- turn me up, turn me up, turn me up oh oh oh oh oh or turn it up " " " " There was another song I heard but I didn't get much of the lyrics other than something about dancing on the furniture. Oh and now that we have our third jersey's let's not forget our song "Back in Black." Thanks for all your help. Keep it up!
  11. That absolutely made my day. I love Whit. Typical Whit. I can't wait for the interviews on the ice with Whit lurking in the background and I'll never forget that interview after the game on FSN South where Tripp and John interviewed Rosey and Whit came up and pants'd him. That was so funny. Love Whit. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Well I think that since we normally get blows in the middle of the season with injuries and stuff maybe it's a good thing, well not a good thing, but you know, that it's happening now instead of in the middle of the season. This does suck big time. I wish Justin and Brindy a full and fast recovery. My prayers are with them. 1 week from tonight that's all we have left until preseason. Can I get, "it's about time!" oh yeah and uh "FINALLY!"
  13. I love Red too! They are great! Anything about Christian music and artist and I can pretty much tell you if I like it or not. Good Choice caniac23!
  14. I agree with everyone on here. I get on NHL.com and our website daily just hoping there is something new on there, but there never seems to be. Now I did go to the viewing party and loved every minute of it, but if they would do more things like that during the summer it would keep all the fans interested and maybe even recruit some new ones. I did go the Chamber Event last Monday that the season ticket holders were invited to. The Canes had a booth set up down there. So that was fun. Then we got to watch Team USA take on Taivan in a baseball game. I would love to see them hold a fund raiser for the Kids N Community Foundation with whatever players have decided to stay here. Even if we have some ex-Canes here for the summer. That would be fun for the fans as well as raising money for their organization, don't you think?
  15. Dad is that you??? My father loves Stomping Tom Conners. He even made a CD and plays that while we are out tailgating. It's embarassing. I admit it is fun to hear in the hockey rink. But he plays that song and then busts out "The Goalies Drunk." It's funny, but it's not something I want to hear all the time. I personally love the song they play before the 3rd period that I can't seem to get a hold of. Does anyone know where we can get that song?
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