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  1. Well i believe that tonights game will be a good one. I wish i could go because Atlanta is our rivals but they are also my second favorite team. .......Still thought i cheer LETS GO CANES!
  2. Who ever "kajeed" is please stop making messages that are not about the topic i dont not want this topic locked. thanks! whitneyboy13
  3. hubbablabing is fun hubbablabing fjsaghsafjwiodgnwjsdvneuwhvnusidvbuwedhguwehnfuiwnbfuisahviaeiuhiruuifaiuefhawiu nhveasiunhwiuhtw
  4. jskdfjasklbnsjvnsjgnavbnengasfgnsjgnsdjfbneuigbnwquibniuvbngiuwi2
  5. he is just being a teen :lol::lol::
  6. hello, i was wondering how you get a picture by your name when you leave a post on the boards?(if you dont know what i mean you have one and it is the red sox logo. thanks, whitneyboy13
  7. The Poll Would Be Better If It Had 20 Of The Best Players on it i decided other because my favorite cane is whitney!
  8. Ya You Are Right He Will Most Likey Be The Best. He will be the best player with a shot cause EVERY TIME Staal goes on a break away all he needs to do is take a rister glove side in everytime!
  9. it is their own fault because the were partying and they should be more responsibable and the are adults they should know that!
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