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  1. I voted for OTHER, and it was meant for Danny LaCouture. Now, before you go all 'Hey Kaberlay, that is stupid' Think about this. In games which he has light the lamp, we are guaranteed to get a point. That is FACT. Obviously Brind'Amour is washed up as he has a low minus rating. We should probably take the C away from Rod, as others have hinted at. This would help to unify the team. The players obviously do not consider Rod a leader due to his minus rating, he is dragging the team down. This begs the question, do we give Rod an A if we take the C away? Or do we throw our ex-'captain' in the trash can? I cannot think of an example of him showing leadership in his tenure here, so lets strip him of a letter and give it to someone like Ruttu, like others have suggested. I am sure the team would rally around him. But LaCouture has been a great story. He signed autographs for my 5 year old after practice one day, when he was OBVIOUSLY in a hurry. Where was our captain??? Riding the exercise bike is what the trainer said. I'd rather have someone who is more dedicated to the fans.
  2. Haha, are you talking about that skinny woman that looks like Olive Oyl? Everytime I have ever taken anyone anywhere to get something signed by a Hurricane, she is there with her friend. It makes me wonder if she gets autographs in some magic 24 hour ink.
  3. Not to mention, Cole would have probably commanded more than 4 million next year and someone would have paid him. It certainly would not have been us with the forwards we have signed. Why do people not get this fact? We had a million forwards and like 5 NHL quality Dmen. It sucks to lose Cole, but damn. This guy is actually HAPPY to be coming here, he is excited about the team. We are in North Carolina, we should embrace this dude with open arms and make him feel at home. I bet all the people who are against this trade are the same folks who wanted Trevor Letowski to come back to the team because he is a friendly guy, completely disregarding the fact that out of 2 seasons with us he only actually 'played' in about 10 games.
  4. I doubt we see an offer that we wouldn't match. I have to think that If someone throws him a 4.5mil offer, we would stretch out and reach it, anything else and we get some decent picks in return The current expected RFA compensation table for 2008-09 is: Amount Compensation Due $863,156 or less - None $863,156 - $1,307,811 - 3rd round pick $1,307,811 - $2,615,623 - 2nd round pick $2,615,623 - $3,923,434 - 1st and 3rd round pick $3,923,434 - $5,231,246 - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick $5,231,246 - $6,539,061 - Two 1st's, one 2nd, one 3rd round pick $6,539,061 or more - Four 1st round picks
  5. Boo Hoo Hoo, when Pitkanen is lighting up the net in a few months you will be singing his praises. So what if Cole stayed, our defense still sucked and we missed the playoffs again this year? We have to give Staal his big payday at season's end, so where do we fit Erik Cole into the picture? It is a business folks, and sometimes this stuff happens. If dealing off one guy to make the team better makes you this down and out about your team, then you have to question how dedicated you are to this franchise. When Rutherford signed up Cullen, Gerber, Stillman, Whitney, Kaberle and others after the 03-04 season, nobody thought he knew what the heck he was doing, but that worked out. The man has a crew that scouts out players, andit is his job to make moves that benefit the team. Sometimes they don't work out, but sometimes they do, and I have to give Rutherford credit. The decisions he has made have been pretty good for the most part.
  6. You aren't allowed to speculate or post rumors on this board without fear of the Canes taking in a multi-million dollar lawsuit for libel of all things. The last thing we should want to do is hurt the feelings of players who read this board religiously. So I see why it is a surprise.
  7. Wait, what? All we are getting back for LaRose is a pack of Doublemint and a 1914 Mercury Dime. If you want to get good, you have to pay and Cole was the best chip we had.
  8. From Pete Soto: Gentlemen, Here's the deal with Let's Go Canes. When I came to the team in 1999 the song was already part of the organization. It contained lyrics with specific players such as Keith Pirmeau. I was told at the time that the people who created the song for us where indeed from Pittsburgh. I do not believe that the Let's Go Pens song was created at the time but have heard it in the time since 1999. It's a similar situation that I had in Miami when I worked with the Dolphins - their touchdown song is a tradition and the Houston Oilers had the exact same TD song with Houston Oilers replacing the Miami Dolphins. So to wit, what came first? The Canes or the Pens? From my understanding we came first and we have also made it more of our team signature than the Pens. I re-wrote the lyrics in 1999 to fit our new dynamics with the new building and no Primeau-donna. Hope that answers your question. Pete I sent this note to Luke last night, to which ^ was a response to: Heres the deal. My buds and I worship the 'Lets Go Canes' song, we always thought it was so goofy and original. However, today I saw a youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ELgYP6srrM, that made me shudder. After a bit of research, I found out that this song, "Lets Go Pens", was written by Roger Wood, a Pittsburgh man who wrote a very similar song for the Steelers during their Super Bowl run. This website: http://homepage.mac.com/imagineam/steelers...ng/thesmash.htm claims that the 'Lets Go Pens' song was written this year for the current team, and it also charges 5 bucks for a download. Here is an article about Wood where he talks about writing his football song: http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/s_418452.html . This is definitely the same song, so something doesn't jive. I tried emailing CanesVision, but could not use the online email form from the RBC Center, and also could not locate an email address for Pete Soto, who I feel would have an answer for this. I just wanted to know where our song came from, and who ripped off who, because it would be terrible if this guy is charging up 5 bucks per download of a song he had no creative hand in. Maybe, just maybe the hockey news in Raleigh is slow enough right now that this could be investigated... Thanks, sorry if this is a waste of your time but it definitely struck a chord with me
  9. Exactly. I hate that whining idiot, was he really the best 'leader' on that team? Why is he an NHL captain? I would like to see Washington make it because it would be great for ratings and the league in general, but Florida doesn't do anything for me. Hell, I would rather see Buffalo in before the Panthers, at least it would make for a more interesting series if we had to match up with them at some point. Plus, I still want to make a sign for a canes/panthers game that says: STANLEY CUP RING TALLY Keith Aucoin: 1 Olli: 0 or NHL PLAYOFF GAME/POINTS/ANYTHING BOOLEAN STATUS Chad LaRose: TRUE Olli: FALSE
  10. His best friend died due to a brain tumor I believe, so he was attending the funeral.
  11. based on letowski's points and plus/minus, other teams should be paying us for putting him on the ice.
  12. well, its too late for those teams unless we send him right back down again and call him up
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