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  1. COWBELLS MUST GO! Also, Friday night there were 2 guys in matching red suits sitting above the Bruins tunnell. Loved the suits, great spirit (although not as many style points as the two guys dressed like John Forslund.) But, 2 guys in red suits, you should have been escorted out when you tried to get the WAVE going in the third period! The Wave is even lamer than cowbells!
  2. 7th man, if your "rise" lasts more than 4 hours.............. see a doctor.
  3. Ray Whitney. I'm 6'6". If he came at me, as short as he is, he would ......... It's painful to even think about it.
  4. I think Brookbank and Melichar are the most likely to get traded.
  5. I think..... The NHL should build a temporary stadium (Using PGA Bleachers) at the Washington Mall, between the Washington Monument and Capital Building. Maybe even have the new Prez drop the puck. Capitals Vs. Hurricanes
  6. I've heard that Mo was brought back because former Coach Pierre McGuire was not available.
  7. After a few losses, fans scream "Something is wrong, we need to change things up a bit" Changes are made, fans scream "what the heck did they do that for? " LOL
  8. I think the "blackout" that was mentioned refered to Center Ice package. The Canes games there are blacked out when the games are on Fox Sports Net. Since they hit the magic button to the Preds, they canceled all options for anyone in the listed areas to watch the Hurricanes. I'm glad Time - Warner received a ton of calls, maybe they will work a little harder if it comes up again, and I think it will. With the Charlotte Bobcats getting some air time on Fox Sports this year, there are going to be some conflicts.
  9. Asheville, The Triad, and Burlington were all switched over to the Preds game. Somebody royally screwed up, although no one seems to want to take responsibility. I hope the media people with the Canes are reading this board. They should be royally ticked at what happened last night.
  10. oops, sorry canes girl. my last phone had the canes song. not the one I have now. Hopefully somebody with more computer knowledge than I have can add that to phone zoo. I do have a goal horn from phonezoo that scares the cr*p out of people.
  11. Nic Wallin is THE MAN! and, he has a NO TRADE CLAUSE!
  12. phonezoo.com not sure if it's there, but I got the "let's go canes" ringtone there
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