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  1. We'll have injuries, and Conboy will slide in and play 5-6 minutes a game. He is looking at a lot of healthy scratches though.
  2. Yelle is a beast, this is an excellent pickup for the time and price. Gives the young cats another year of development. 4th line is going to put a hurting on the opposition next year.
  3. The first Albany @ Norfolk weekend falls on the same weekend as the UNC @ NCSU football game, aka I'm not going to Norfolk. I will more than likely be there for the second weekend though. And I plan to be at Norfolk @ Albany on 4/2 (nice coincidence of them playing Norfolk again) WOO
  4. 3/31 - Canes @ Montreal 4/1 - Canes @ Ottawa 4/2 - Norfolk @ Albany ROAD TRIP
  5. This pleases me. Now I can finally figure out if I'll be able to plan a stopover in Albany for a game on my trip to Montreal and Ottawa.
  6. I will not be the least bit upset if Conboy is a constant feature on our 4th line for the remainder of this season and next.
  7. Off topic somewhat, but an educational fun fact, in reference to the above post: Unless Wallin just happens to know Finnish, he doesn't understand what Pitkanen/Ruutu would be talking about either. Finnish is absolutely nothing like Swedish, which may be surprising considering their proximity. Swedish is very Germanic, while Finnish sounds nothing like anything except Estonian.
  8. I think Brett Carson should be the captain.
  9. I was actually recently told that the reason they aren't carrying more player names on the jerseys at the JERSEY STORE INSIDE OF THE ARENA is that "they're not in the market" where that would be beneficial. Apparently our own arena is outside of the Hurricanes market so to speak.
  10. Haha, just saw this. Yeah I know the guy who got kicked out, and yes he had been drinking a good amount. It wasn't too big of a deal though, he went peacefully.
  11. I have been very disappointed at the lack of player availability at the Eye on the new alternate jerseys, even at the "jersey store" open during games. The few people down there that actually attempt to answer the question "When do you guys expect to have more players available?" generally tell me that it will be in early 2009 at a minimum, if then. I mean I realize most people are happy with a Brind'Amour, Staal, or Ward jersey, but there are some of us out there that would like some selection. They don't seem to be too worried about that down at the Eye. I've found a 10% off coupon for icejerseys.com and more than likely will be using them to purchase an alternate jersey.
  12. I dig them. I wish the Eye would get some more player options on the personalization though. I'm about to go through a website and order since they seem to be taking their time with it.
  13. Sounds great to me, I'm pretty pumped about it. I've been wondering what it would be like to skate at the RBC Center, I guess I'll find out soon enough. Hopefully I can get Joe Corvo to John Hancock my 77 jersey
  14. I got my ticket off ticketmaster today (at work, couldn't make it to the RBC Center this morning unfortunately) and am part of the "green goalie" group. I wasn't able to find anywhere what the difference between the red line and green goalie group was. Anybody wanna help me out on this one?
  15. I called the Eye this morning to inquire about personalization for the alternates. I was informed it would be available immediately, including at the Carnival. I didn't ask about specific players or stitching/heat press options though. I probably should have, I may do that later on.
  16. I voted for overall I like them, but there's a few modifications that I'd prefer. I'll more than likely have one by the time the season kicks off.
  17. How soon are these jerseys going to be available for personalization?
  18. They're being shown at a press conference on Sept 10th now, available for sale at the Caniac Carnival.
  19. I wasn't really into the Whalers back when they were around, but I enjoy reading about their history now that they're a part of this franchise. I've purchased a couple of Whalers jerseys off of Ebay in the past and worn one to a couple of games.
  20. We need to stop giving up prospects and picks. I don't see this one happening.
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